TTartisan Announces New Limited Edition, 24K Gold-Plated Lens for Leica

TTartisan Announces New Limited Edition, 24K Gold-Plated Lens for Leica

A new, limited edition lens has been announced by TTartisan that is gold plated in a “24K Gold Skin.” A total of just 200 pieces of the super-rare design will be available.

The new lens is a gold variant of their 35mm f/1.4, which already exists in both black and silver, for Leica M-mount. It’s a full frame lens, with an aperture range of f/1.4 to f/16. It weighs 450.4 g and measures 73 mm in length and 49 mm in diameter. It’s retailing at $1,200, and you can also have a customized engraving included on the lens cap at no extra cost. In comparison, the black and silver lenses are both priced at $450 respectively.

Check out the images below to see this little gem in all its glory.

Fancy adding a gold-plated bit of kit to your gear bag? You can order the lens here, which comes with free international shipping. The lenses will be shipped in the coming days.

Images: Leica Rumors

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Ryan Ringstad's picture

Do they offer free shipping to Brunei??

Edison Wrzosek's picture

I just can't even, I can't... *SMH*

Brad Smith's picture

lol. When you just have to go "full China".

Spy Black's picture

Fools gold.

chrisrdi's picture

Oof. That's gaudy.

Jon Winkleman's picture

for wealthy collectors not really photographers. It’s pretty but what tells me this is status bling for the rich and not for quality photography is the metallic gold lens hood. The interior of the hood should be matte black. If they want to do luxury paint the hood with Vanta Black. A metallic gold hood will hurt image making rather than help it. I love the old Hasselblad’s with gold trim replacing the chrome. They are both collectable and a studio workhorse. I am not against special collectors edition cameras so long as they function well. This is just status symbol jewelry.

Valeriu Campan's picture

A tremendous and perfect lens to be issued for the White House official photographer.

Lan Lievense's picture

Re: gold plated Leica lens - WHY????

Spy Black's picture

...because there's fewer sucker markets out there than the Leica market...