[Video] The Canon 5DM2 Vs The New Canon C300

Just a few weeks ago Canon announced the new C300 video camera to join the professional video world. Many people were confused because the specs didn't seem that much better than the 5DM2 but the price was way higher ($20k). In the video below Jonathan Yi does a great job of showing many of the benefits of the C300. If I had a little bit more money I would be tempted to buy one of these myself.

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thegoldfi's picture

boy i wish i had an extra $20000 and cool things to shoot.

I've got big ideas of things to shoot but slightly better video quality is not worth 20k to me at this point. Maybe one day. 

Nathan Hamler's picture

High iso is easy when you "cram" only 2 million photosites on a FF sensor....the 5dII has 12 times more pixels on the same sensor, that's why it (comparatively) sucks at high iso.....

seriously impressive though...wonder how this will stack up against the RED Scarlet....

Randy Richards's picture

this is amazing :) this is better than the Mobius film they shot lol

Tran-Shawn Yu's picture

yeah... I really didn't feel like that film showed off the potential of the camera... this comparison film did a much better job while being almost as entertaining! it strikes me that they have to do such comparisons to illustrate the difference between the c300 and a hdslr when the price difference is VERY easily noticed! haha

well done video. camera looks sick. i love my city :)

Tran-Shawn Yu's picture

I enjoyed watching the video... it was informative yet still entertaining.  I don't see this overtaking the popularity of DSLRs for movies though... I seriously can't imagine most independent film makers justifying the price difference when the benefits are rather marginal. 

Nicholas Gonzalez's picture

If I could afford to buy or even rent any camera of this caliber, it would be this one. I love how "old school" it looks. The body style reminds me of an (albeit a high tech) super 8 camera. Until then I'm gonna rock my 7d and lenses to the fullest.

Also, I must say, that after watching that HOUSE episode, way back when, I stopped getting into those high brow forums in which photographers gripe about noise, filmic looks and crap. The lowest end tools we have are far better than the Spielberg's childhood handhelds he began his dreams with (and he still could work circles around us with those). Let's work with what we have and begin our dreams.

Gary Orona's picture

This review is exceptional. There are so many waste-of-time review vids out there done by people who really don't understand what it's like in the trenches. This is not one of those videos.

Bravo. Good Thoughts- Gary Orona

Jmont's picture

It'd be nice if you put a "potentially awkward moment if watching video at full screen in a cafe full of people" warning in the description.

Is it $18,000 better than a mark II? NO so whats the target market? You can buy 3 cameras with VERY similar specs for the price of this one. 

I am struggling to see the target market for this at all. At this price range there are much more affordable option.

And documentary work? Where was the last time u saw a docu filmmaker with a $20k camera? I sure didn't. 

i would love to have this camera.. it'll probably be a good bit less than 20k when it comes out, but it is still a bit outside my price range.  i would choose this over the scarlet for most of the type of work that i do: much better low-light performance, easier workflow, shoots on cf cards, less hard drive space needed, and more reliable

Mike Folden's picture

I'm a huge fan of slow motion and it's weird to me that a camera as high end as this one only shoots 60fps at 720p? That seems outlandish. The Sony AF100 (i think that's the model) shoots 60fps at 1080 and is only like 5k. This Canon seems to have some great features overall but I'm blown away by the price. 

Nursultan Tulyakbay's picture

I think their problem is they are trying to market this to an HDSLR customer instead of a Red Scarlet customer. The HDSLR buyer is not going to be able to justify the much of a jump in price for marginal increase in features/quality. Is a Red Scarlet customer able to justify the downgrade in features for a marginal price comparison?

I like how at the advent of HDSLR technology people and film makers alike were screaming their heads off about the shallow DOF capable with these cameras.

Yet, now we're going in the opposite direction, saying its really hard to focus, and having a more "present" background is more appealing.

While the points they make are valid in all areas, it just strikes me as a little funny.

hahaha epic video