[Video] What You Didn't Know About The Nikon D4

Called the BEST movie camera to date, the Nikon D4 features full HD 1080p (and 720 at 60fps). Not only is there a microphone in with 20 adjustment different levels, but for the first time you're able to hear the audio that you're recording. Also included for the first time is an HDMI feed out. Nikon has really stepped up their game to give users an amazing amount of wireless control with video!

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Yeah, I was pretty sure I saw this before. Here. On this site.

I'm pretty sure that new Canon video camera is the best new thing on the market. This is just a DSLR that happens to have good, if basic, video capabilities.

yeah thats 3x the price. awkward form. and only super 35

I think you are right, Mark. Seems like a few things have been recycled lately.

So it isn't me going crazy....

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yeah sorry, this video was added to the D4 article a few weeks ago.  It still gets me excited everytime though :)

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Seriously???  I think the Panasonic GH2 definitely tops the quality and even the aged Canon 5D Mark II probably is still on par with this at least when it comes to video quality.

Here's a great article regarding D4 video quality on EOSHD.com:  http://www.eoshd.com/content/6961/why-does-nikon-think-this-is-acceptabl...

"1080p frames per second" is new, at least.

Ok, so we know everyone at fstoppers is pro-Nikon, but seriously... they should stop with the "BEST" this and that... it isn't.

It is far from the best. Guess what Canon 550 does the same thing :)

Did you guys even watch the video? The ability to have 1, 1.6, and 2.7 crop in cam all in HD. NO camera has done that before. Period. Not even ENG or high end digital cinema cams can do that. You get 3 different focal lengths from every lens. plus 422 output. No 550D or GH2 can do that. Dont speak of what you dont know! @President_Putin:disqus  @twitter-188446841:disqus 

Haters gonna hate!  This cam is one gorgeous piece of tech.  Need to save my pennies.  :D