[Vintage Gear] 93 Year-Old Lens Attached to a 5D

[Vintage Gear] 93 Year-Old Lens Attached to a 5D

Photographer/film-maker Jason Bognacki successfully attached a 93 year old camera to his Canon 5D.  It's a Piccolette Contessa-Nettel (1919) folding camera.  Check out the results and see for yourself. The images are so much sharper than you might expect.  What do you think?

Here are the results:

At 100% crop:

A few more:



Via: Today's Tomorrow/Jason Bognacki


From Amy:

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The chromatic aberration looks kinda rough on the 100% crop, but all in all it's a nice look! 

 That's like saying your pores look really big when I zoom all the way in on your face.

Not really, when I use a modern lens on my 5D and zoom in to 100% there is usually little to no CA. Older lenses lack the compensation for CA, whereas the pores look equally large whether I zoom in with an old lens or a new lens.

 It was a joke...


i wanna do this.... how?

Nyaj Timautes Yaaj's picture

This is amazing!...it gives the right contrast, right grain...wow I want one now!

Oh wow!!! Amazing!

Thomas Kirby's picture

I like the flare. It's hard to fake that.


Dustan Sept's picture

That is pretty amazing!! I can't believe the clarity!!!

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this is neat and all but it reminds me of somthing a yahoo contributer would right, something thats been done before and has little intreast other then a neat and then close window

Cool idea! Got some old vintage cameras laying around. I think I'll try that! 


Just goes to show.... good glass is an investment :-)

This is magical 

Nice work!

Not bad on antique lens! 

Absolutely worthy to do. Is there any way we can learn how to attach lenses like this?

I'd do it with my antique camera but I'm worried about focal planes etc matching up, how can it get a crisp image like that?

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I'd now like to ask if anyone has a 90+ year old lens they can sell me to attach to my 60D

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do you guys know of any people or websites that have custom adapters to old lenses to new cameras? is their a website to buy those lenses already adapted? or get it custom made... let me know thanks :)

I love the results, gorgeous! 

I did something simialr with my Brownie Hawkeye, by pulling the back off of it and adding my rebel to the back without lens. I will have to play some more to get the focal plane right though