Wacom Introduces the New Pro Pen Slim

Wacom Introduces the New Pro Pen Slim

Wacom updated its Pro Pen series a while ago, and to address the needs of users, the new Pro Pen Slim has been introduced.

At first glance, the new Pro Pen Slim offers the exact same features that Pro Pen 2 has in a slimmer body. On the outside, it has two customizable side switches and the eraser on the tip, but its diameter is slimmer than the Pro Pen 2 by up to 4 millimeters, which might be useful for creators complaining about hand fatigue for long time of tablet use. On the inside, it is equipped with 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity with +/- 60-degree tilt recognition, like the other Pro Pen series.

According to Wacom, the pen’s slim design emulates the feel of a thin brush or pencil, therefore it would be an alternative for creators’ tool kit. Based on your personal preferences, you can find more accessories suited to your needs for your Wacom.  

Wacom Pro Pen Slim is compatible with Wacom MobileStudio Pro, Wacom Cintiq Pro, Cintiq 16, and the Intuos Pro series tablets. Its current retail price is $79.95 and comes with additional nib pack, including four standard and two felt nibs, five different colored aluminum rings, and a pen case.

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