What Nikon F to Sony E Adapter Is the Best Choice?

If you are a Nikon user thinking about making the switch to Sony cameras, you probably wonder what adapter could help you make a smooth and cheap transition by keeping your precious glass. In this video, Matt Granger shows you the different adapters available for you and which one is the best — or the less bad.

Switching from one camera manufacturer to another is always a pain because of all the lenses accumulated that must be replaced. It can be difficult to sell them, and it's not rare to lose a bit of money along the way. With the mirrorless systems, what's great is the possibility of using adapters to keep the glass from our current system. Many Canon users have had a smooth transition by doing so, but we hear less Nikon users telling similar stories.

Some may be tempted to say that it’s because Nikon users don’t switch, but the truth is that the adapters for Nikon F lenses are not so good. In the video above, Matt Granger tries three current options and compare them. As you’ll see they do work, but the result is far from optimal, and that’s with a static subject. One can only wonder how it’d perform in real-world situations such as in low light environment or with a fast moving action in front the lens.

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Matei Horvath's picture

Hmm. Interesting review. So we still don't have an alternative as good as Canon to Sony adapters heh? Maybe well wait a bit longer to add a Sony body to my arsenal

Michael Kuszla's picture

NIkon users still have poor options. The problem is not coming from Nikon especially, more about the market as Canon drain a huge part of sales - so that's easier for a brand to make money when you have more user.

Anyhow I think that many Nikon user looking for high quality mirroless don't wanna wait 2019 to see the Nikon's one as Sony and Fuji already have mature products and many lenses options.

Steven Andrews's picture

So, what option do you recommend for Canon users with Canon / Sigma lenses?

Christian Fiore's picture

Metabones IV/V and Sigma MC-11 are your best choices. Continuous firmware updates, very high compatibility, and solid AF.

Steven Andrews's picture

Great. Thanks a lot!

Deleted Account's picture

Call me a pernickety old pedant, but don't you mean 'which' adapter, rather than 'what' adapter?

Michael Kuszla's picture

nor the "which what"... maybe...

Gabriel Gomez-Bush's picture

Come on, can we please get some editing in here! Least bad not less bad, fewer nikon users not less nikon users, not as good not not so good. Those are just a few mistakes but there were several others.

Tomash Masojc's picture

Why you think canon and sigma adapters are a lot better? They are quite similar to Nikon if said true, and don't forget new R7III and 7III will work a lot better.

Orwin SantaCruz's picture

The original fotodiox adapter caused some bricked cameras so I wouldn’t exactly trust any of these. Also another huge issue at least as far as I can see, no ports for firmware upgrades. So if there is a new version of software, you’d have to buy a new one or send it in for a fee?