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Which Canon Mirrorless Camera Is Right for You?

Now that the EOS R5 and EOS R6 mirrorless cameras are here, Canon has a fairly complete mirrorless camera lineup that ranges from a very powerful professional model down to a quite affordable budget option. If you are wondering which model is right for you, this fantastic video will help you choose the right model for your work, budget, and needs.

Coming to you from Tyler Stalman, this excellent video compares the EOS R, EOS RP, EOS R5, and EOS R6 mirrorless cameras. The R mirrorless line offers a wide variety of different price and capability levels. There is the headline-grabbing EOS R5 that has remarkable features like 8K raw video, 20 fps continuous burst rate, and 45-megapixel resolution (but that also costs almost $4,000) all the way down to the EOS RP, which, while much more basic, offers customers the chance to get into full frame mirrorless for under $1,000 or professionals a cheap but serviceable second body that also works with Canon's absolutely fantastic RF mount lenses and adapts older EF lenses. No doubt, regardless of your needs and budget, there is probably an R camera in the lineup for you. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Stalman. 

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Steve White's picture

A major, major problem right now with the R bodies is that they're not available. The RP and the R are available (sometimes) but the adapter to use EF lenses is not -- backordered now for three months. So all those EF lenses that you 'can' use, you actually can't, unless you want to use a 3rd party adapter and put up with that. The R5 and R6 sold out quickly and now are backordered. Many of the kits that one might buy (camera and starter lens) are backordered.

This is also true of the Canon 90D, in case you wanted a modern APS-C camera.

Apparently Canon has difficulties with their manufacturing, but it's a real problem to talk about gear that you actually can't buy.

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A friend of mine has ran into the unavailable issue too. Ken Rockwell said in a video people on ebay are scalping the R5 at over $5000 USD. I've saw the basic EF to RF adapter selling for $250 at a gray market camera shop!

" but it's a real problem to talk about gear that you actually can't buy." I strongly disagree. Better go tell that to all the people talking about the Nikon Z9 and Sony A9III and such.

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I recently upgraded from an 80D to an R6 (I love it), and I got mine off of Amazon with no issues. HOWEVER, I did have to buy it with the 24-105 STM lens, so I had to pay more for it. But MPB will give me $212 for that lens, so it mostly works out.

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Blame the pandemic for this, not Canon...

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To answer the question in the title: none of the existing R cameras is right for me. Waiting for the R1 (after my 1DX3 will be written off).

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Simple: the one you can afford