Why Would You Choose the EOS R Over the Nikon Z 6?

Photographer and YouTuber Manny Ortiz is known for his love of Sony mirrorless cameras, but he’s been putting the Canon EOS R and the Nikon Z 6 through their paces over the last couple of months, and he thinks he knows which one he prefers and why. Check out this short video to find out what swung his decision.

It’s telling that Ortiz is still waiting for a “more professional” (i.e., two card slots) version of both cameras, and from this video, it seems possible that once it arrives, it might be enough to drag Ortiz away from Sony and into the Canon fold for the long-term. It’s the lenses that are making Ortiz particularly excited, and certainly, the results from the lens being used in this video look fantastic.

The recent firmware updates from Canon have brought some definite advantages, and the major change discussed by Ortiz in this video has certainly had an impact on his shooting experience.

My preference would be the Z 6, as it makes more sense for me personally: as amazing as Canon’s new RF lenses might be, my budget is fairly limited, and I like to travel light, making the NIKKOR Z lenses a much better option. Notably, there’s no nifty fifty for Canon mirrorless cameras. I understand wanting to lead with a batch of premium lenses, but surely, a cute, lightweight 50mm f/1.8 is standard issue for those days when you don’t want to haul around a hulking lump of f/crazy glass.

Which would you choose?

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Christian Durand's picture

If camera manufacturers were making cameras only to please the “pros” , they would have been out of business long time ago ....

Well, Nikon claims pros will be a large part of their customers in the near future. Probably time they make modern cameras aimed at them, if they think pros are so important.

so manny went from sony to nikon to canon, what brand will he pick next ? back to sony in three months maybe when sony releases the A7-4 which is awesome. i can see all the youtube photographers and their non biast videos and the same material they shot at the sony show they got invited too.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

I don't think he "went" to another brand. I think he's just trying out different brands. On this video, he says he mostly shoots Sony. In his last 6 videos Sony (2x), Fugi (1x), Nikon (1x), Canon (1x), Canon+Nikon (1x).

Eric Salas's picture

He still shoots Sony but just stated the Eos R isn’t as bad as it was (And actually has good eye-AF) because of the new update.

okay, whats wrong with that ladies jacket, doesnt seem to fit her.

Adil Alsuhaim's picture

I have seen a video where he was shooting Fujifilm.

John Vander Ploeg's picture

I agree with you, Cannons lenses may be nice but who wants to pay close to $2000 for a prime lens?! All of their amazing lenses come at a serious premium, personally I’d rather have something a little more affordable.

Loving the Z 6, Z 7 and the new Z-glass.

Both cameras have single card slots, but the cards the Nikon uses are really expensive (at least as of today).
Old Canon lenses work great on the EOS R so there's not really a need to buy the expensive new RF lenses.

Carlos Macias's picture

Are they? I know that in theory they're faster but do you actually put a Z6 side by side with an A7III and see the buffer empty slower or allow for more time shooting?

Alex Yakimov's picture

"...Best lenses for mirrorless cameras" is a curious statement.
R - glass is quite heavy and expensive in its segment, someone surely will find them acceptable.
Z - glass is lighter and cheaper (it is possible to get a fade on f/1.8, of course not as creamy as for 1.2, but still)
Being lighter and cheaper in conjunction with certain ergonomics of Z-bodies will make them advantageous for some.
In order to have a complete comparison we ought to include E- mount and L-mount offerings as well.
I suspect the differences are mainly due to the physics (size, number of elements and ultimately price) rather then anything else.
We might not see such comparison for a long long time, since most of the current offerings are exceptionally good, differences are negligible and would be meaningful only for a photographer, I suspect.
Do you agree?

That canon glass looks amazing , but I love my Z6 . My simple 1.8 “black tubes “ do the trick for my work . Also , even though I can’t use the Nikon eye AF when the subject is a football field away it works just great for my portrait sessions .

Mike Stern's picture

While sony is here why to think about canon vs. Nikon when it comes to mirrorless system.

It depends. If you like the Sony toys in your hand, OK. If you like to have a real camera in hands that is usable, think about Nikon or Canon.

Marian Marian's picture

I have access to all 3 camera brands, my sony a7 III is by far my favorite, so the 'real camera' you are talking about, is subjective.

No wonder these old companies that make "real" cameras are in a downward spiral. Their "real" cameras are easily beaten and outspec'd by "toy" cameras. Must be embarrassing.

sony product life cycle is 2 years. must suck seeing the vallieu of your camera drop so fast. does sony last 500.000 images? or does it break on first fall or after 50k images. ? i notice many sony users jump to Nikon, cant explain really why that is.

Daniel Lee's picture

It always comes down to what matters most to the user.

In terms of the video, Manny loves the RF glass and like many, has had inconsistent AF with the Nikon. If I had the money I’d love a RF 85mm!

For me, it would easily be the Canon over the Nikon. IMO Canon arguably make the best lenses and their lenses work really well adapted so there’s still all the EF glass to use until they fill out the lower end lenses.

Also with some features like dual card slots, they are deal breakers for some but mean nothing to others. I use the 2nd card slot on my A7III as storage in case I forget my main card and don’t even have it enabled. I also never touch the video features and would prefer to buy a body that doesn’t have any video features.

Just a point: the Canon EOS R has a low ISO setting of 50, so I'm not sure what he was talking about there. He also mentioned a 50mm F1.8. Well there is an RF 35mm F1.8. If someone is complaining about how expensive the new lenses are, then simply purchase the EF equivalent second hand. They work fine with the adapter. The autofocus is awesome. There are things about the EOS R that I would change: I would like the old wheel and the toggle to move the autofocus point. However, I'm coming to terms with using the touch screen, which I'm becoming very adept with. With sports, just select the side focus mode, and away you go.