Will the Canon EOS R5 Mark II Beat the Sony a7R V and Nikon Z9?

That's what one of the internet's most popular photographers and reviewers said about the rumored specs on the Canon EOS R5 II, due for release in 2023. Take a look inside to see why he made such a huge statement.

In a recent article, I talked about the incredible quality of photography gear, from camera bodies to lenses, that most of the big brands produce these days. That list of brands includes Canon, Nikon, Sony, and many others you might want to throw in there. It was in response to a video in which the creator, a dedicated Sony user, got his hands on the Canon EOS R5 and accompanying lenses and absolutely loved the Canon user experience. "Why be surprised," I asked. Every established maker out there these days in all sorts of industries produce wonderful products, so it shouldn't come as a shock that a competing brand is good. But every now and then, a particular model comes out that, for whatever reason, blows its competitors away. Is that what we're about to see from Canon?

That question brings us to this great video by Tony Northrup, in which he discusses the new Canon EOS R5 Mark II, due for release some time next year. The Northrups have 1.25 million YouTube subscribers, so they have some serious clout in the industry, and their opinions and views obviously matter to people and companies alike. So, for Tony to say, in the first 30 seconds of the video, that the Canon EOS R5 Mark II has some "amazing specs that completely blow away the Sony a7R V and the Nikon Z9" certainly warrants our attention. Some rumored specs include an increased sensor size from 45 MP to 61 MP and the ability to create 240 MP pixel-shift images. But they're not what Northrup's most excited about. To see what really gets him going, give the video a look and let me know your thoughts below.

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Lawrence Huber's picture

The current R5 is comparable to the Z9 in all parameters that count, so the MII should easily crush the Z9.

Darryl De Wind's picture

Well I purchased Nikon stock when Tony was blabbing that Nikon was doomed. Based on how it has performed is proof that doing the opposite of what he says is usually best.

Robert Wiederhold's picture

"an increased sensor size from 45 MP to 61 MP"
Ummm, what?

Abi Boentaran's picture

Is it always about x will beat y will crush z..so juvenile...it all about what works for that person..there is no best system..I do like sony A's but there so much thing that I hate about it...I stick with canon because it what works for me..I love the color renditions and the L lenses...I am a landscape photographer and no comparison with the Canon 11zoom with ef adapter ef adaptor to R with the variable filter just makes my life as a landscape photographer that much easier..no more lugging ultra big rectangle filter that cost an arm and a leg..and also the circular polarizer...finally I am able to use my ultra wides and do not have to lug around big rectangular filters and large circular polarizer..

Let me ask you this:

Do other system has the 11zoom?

An adapter like the canon ef to r with interchageable drop in filters?

85mm L with DS

135mm f 1.8?

Nuff said

Edison Wrzosek's picture

I wouldn't believe either of the Northrups if they said rain was wet.

These two have sold their souls to clickbait and I've lost count how many times I've heard them spout utter nonsense, right up to blatant lies, just to garner clicks on their BS YouTube videos.

Anyone who listens to anything these two say, well, you shouldn't, full stop.

regan albertson's picture

Note to editor: Put the name or a clear image of the contributor in the link paragraph so the readers don't waste their time on submissions of those they don't like.

Edison Wrzosek's picture

To be fair, the site actually does do that, after the article on the lower-right corner.

regan albertson's picture

true, yet why do I have to click through? When they'd lead with a click-bait title, I'd ignore it, or ignore Fstoppers for a couple of weeks, so to speak a time out for crappy editorial work.

Rhonald Rose's picture

Does it have to beat? Can't it be the best camera for the Canon shooters, or it's potential buyers?

Uneternal Van de Dood's picture

The current R5 already beats Sony. Why? It shoots 12/20 fps @ 45 MP in lossless-compressed RAW. Thats a maximum readout of 900 million pixels. The Sony A7R V shoots the same lossless-compressed RAW at a maximum of 7fps @ 61 MP, which is a readout of a measly 427 million pixels.
So in short, Sony already lags behind Canon's 2 year old tech.

Athel Rogers's picture

The Northrup's could tell me the sky is blue and I would still go look outside before I believe a word they said :P

Bert Nase's picture

Is this the new Northrup channel here?