Wine Country Camera Introduces 100mm V2 Filter Holder System

Wine Country Camera Introduces 100mm V2 Filter Holder System

Lens filter manufacturer Wine Country Camera introduced a new version of their 100mm filter holder system, with a better and stronger design.

Buying circular (or threaded) lens filters might be a good way to start experimenting with filters; however, you might end up spending more than you think if you have several lenses in your camera bag. That’s one of the reasons why square filter kits are so popular among photographers. With only one holder system, you can use any type of filter with any of your lenses by only switching the lens adapter.

Wine Country Camera has been in the filter market for many years, and they have a good reputation for their 100mm filter system. The company introduced an improved version of the V1 system, with a new secure and rotatable adapter ring attachment. The new design also allows an improved installation for a polarizer filter and offers an updated ND vault security. The biggest improvement with the V2 holder is the ability to rotate the holder body on the adapter ring without the risk of the holder coming loose or falling off.

The new V2 system includes the same polarizer and adapter rings and the new V2 holder will be compatible with all V1 system components. So existing V1 users can only upgrade the holder rather than buying the all new V2 kit.

Pricing of the V2 remains the same as V1, and pre-orders can be made on company’s website.

  • Filter Holder Kit with adapter ring and no polarizer for $299
  • Filter Holder kit with adapter ring and polarizer for $449
  • Starter Kit with adapter ring and polarizer plus 6 Stop Blackstone ND filter and 2 Stop ND Soft Edge Graduated Filter for $779.

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