Would You Prefer an iPhone-Quality Camera on a Smartwatch?

The Arrow Smartwatch claims to be the first smartwatch with a 360-degree rotating camera. This raises the question, would an iPhone-quality camera be more preferable on a watch?

There’s no doubt that smart devices are becoming more and more common as technology advances. I can control the temperature of my house from my phone from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. I can push a button I keep inside my pocket and ask a polite cyber-personality a question — and actually receive an intelligent response. I can look at my watch and get an idea of how physically active I’ve been, or haven’t been. And all of this tech fits conveniently inside devices I already utilize daily.

It makes sense to me that smartwatches, which have increased in popularity as Apple took the market to the next level with their Apple Watch, should reach parity with iPhone-level photo quality, and it looks like that may be happening in the near future.

The Arrow Smartwatch claims to be the first smartwatch with a 360-degree rotating camera. The quality of the camera is up in the air, considering the product is still only in the pre-order stages of production, and I haven’t actually seen any images created with it yet (it's unlikely it will be anywhere near iPhone photo quality).

The convenience of simply lifting your wrist and pushing a button seems more natural to me than pulling something from your pocket, finding the app, and capturing an image. After all, we don’t always have our heavy professional DSLRs with us, so the practicality of a quality camera that fits inside of a device we take with us everywhere just makes sense, and we already spend enough time with our phones in-hand.

Seeing the advertisement for the watch did make me think to myself about whether or not I'd prefer to snap those candid photos with my phone, or my watch. What do you think?

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robertc's picture

I'm not a huge fan of this initially, although you never know until you try it. My biggest concern is the circular crop when shooting, or if there is a way of seeing the full image, how small is that going to be on your wrist. I think that's why a phone would win for me.

Dusty Wooddell's picture

I'd definitely want to see the ability to transfer the images to another device, like a phone, for review/posting

michael buehrle's picture

file size ?