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Crazy Breakfast

Crazy Breakfast. My children love to prepare my breakfast and I love Peter Pan. This idea came up one sunday morning and when i told them about it, they found it funny. Therefore, we just did it. It was a fun photographic family moment. This is a composite of 8 photos. They were all shot in my kitche. I started with my children jumping, then i took a picture for each of the levitating elements, myself (my son was holding the legs of the chair as i was banding back) and one for the place. I used a flash behind my children to mimic the sun coming from the window and to get real shadows, two bare flash on the front directed to bounce on the oppiste wall and one at the side of the kitchen funriture to get an even exposure. I put them at 1/4th of power so that the flash would be fast enough to freeze the movement. They were all shot at ISO 100, f8, 1/125s witha 35mm lens. Thank you for watching

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haha very it!

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Agree! You totally nailed it!

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Thanks a lot :) Glad you like it

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Cool concept and great image!! Their friends must think you're the cool dad!! :)

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lol, thanks a lot. I must agree that their friends are kinda jealous, they always tell them how lucky they are to have a father who is a photographer

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playful concept and well executed!

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thanks a lot for your compliments :)