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I am selling my Nexus housing with a Nikon D300s and ports. Is it allowed to post equipment for sale on F-stoppers; if so, where and how?

Blue Heron Bridge - Florida

A video slideshow from our recent trip to the BLUE HERON BRIDGE in Florida is now live. Visit

While there explore more.

Keep your bubbles tiny and your images sharp.



Greeting -
I live in San Diego, CA, USA. I have been shooting underwater since the Nik 1 (Calypso) days. Over the years, I shot every Nikonos, move to housed bodies with Nikon N90s and then to digital with the D70. I am currently shooting a D300s, and preparing to move to a D500. I have a gallery of some of my work on my Adobe Portfolio...


Welcome to the Official Fstoppers Underwater Photography group. Please introduce yourself!
My name is Romi Burianova and I'm Key West based underwater portrait photographer.

Intro myself...

Hi I'm in Taiwan. Here I put some my experiments last year and will try some more this summer. Glad to join this group and will be happy to discuss with members.

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Hello All,
I'm in Colorado Springs, CO and have been shooting underwater for 3 summers. I still find getting the correct exposure/metering to be the most difficult - any tips would be greatly appreciated!
-The first image was from last summer
- The bride was from 2 weeks ago. I absolutely loved shooting/outcome on a black...

introduction of myself

wonderful works here in this group.
i am a professional wedding photographer based in Adelaide, south Australia.

i am now wanting to get into underwater photography.

i have the canon 5d3 and numerous L lenses. i am thinking of using the 16-35LII in the water for underwater portrait.

can anyone kindly suggest...

Intro of myself

Hey guys - I'm getting into underwater photography and video. Tried an Outex case for my D800 and ended up sending it back (leaked both times trying to use it). Ended up buying a Nikon One AW1 and took it for a test run yesterday for the first time. Really liking it. The IQ doesn't match my D800 obviously but the other pros really outweigh that...

Budget entry to underwater photography (and video)

So I wanted to get into underwater photography and video but I dont want to have to drop 2 grand on a housing just to get started so I wanted to see if anyone had some input on a more budget friendly option for getting my feet wet (pun intended). One option I was looking at was the cheaper housings for the sony mirrorless cameras. It seems they...

Jason deCaires Taylor Sub-Aquatic Art

Incorporating living reef and sculptures in this underwater word, Jason de Caires Taylor provides an unlimited and ever changing backdrop for spectacular underwater images. His latest pieces unveiled at the Museo Subacuatico de Arte in Cancun, Mexico

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I'm an art photographer based in Beaumont, Texas (between Houston and the Louisiana border), and I do a significant amount of work underwater as the weather permits. My work is 99.9% figurative nudes, so I hesitate to share them in a work-safe site, but you can follow either of these links to see some of it:


Unusual or unique underwater equipment?

Do you use any unusual or unique underwater equipment? Years ago I purchased (overseas) a housing for my Leica D-Lux4 and have never run across someone in the U.S. using this setup?

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Rico Besserdich

Check out the underwater work of Rico Bessedrich. German photographer, journalist, underwater photographer since 2001. His work was published in numerous magazines.
One of his favorite images of mine.