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relaxed faces

How do you do that your customers are completely relaxed in the water?

Model: Adriana Berger
Fotograf: Christian Zink | Lichtfang Fotografie Weimar

22. - 26. Juli Workshop Bali


Juried Show - San Diego

I am doing an U/W photography show on 11 April 2019 at the House of Blue in San Diego. There will be 60 artists of various disciplines. Some of the images I will be displaying, along with more information can be seen at

If you are in SoCal, I would love to meet you. If not, please support me with this new...

cave diving

Spent the past week doing some cave diving in Florida. Finally got a chance to take my underwater housing down to get some shots to show some of the beauty in the springs. Big takeaway from this week is that I need more strobes to really light up the cave. Wish they were a bit cheaper...


This underwater image was taken in Miami in the pool with fairly heavy long red skirt. Thankfully the depth of the pool allowed us to do that. Taken with Canon mark4 and my second Ikelite Housing.

Underwater Dreaming

Finally I had the chance to try my new underwater Ikelite case for Canon 5d mark iii. The case seems a bit smaller then for Canon markii.
The most challenging part was from this shoot was to get positioned all the objects in the water. We had to let the water sit for a while to get the
murkiness setled.

Underwater Bride

This is a recent shot I did for a bridal shoot. I used D4 in an Aquatica housing with strobes and a custom backdrop of the Cathedral in Milan, Italy. Behind the scenes video is here:

To Fill or Not to Fill

I've always been a big fan of using fill flash with my underwater fashion and glamour photography. Fill flash gives a great pop to the face and gives clothing nice definition. Here are two shots that were taken just minutes apart - one with and one without flash. Which one do you like best?

Underwater love

I am new here and come from Germany. My English is not so good. I hope you understand me. Sorry.

Many couples, pregnant women and normal women come to me to take pictures under water. How is this going with you? Do you have many orders? I have a waiting list of 2 months.

New to the group

Hello, i'm new to the group and i wanted to share a pic i did last week. I'm a photographer based in belgium. Feel free to leave a comment.

First upload!


We're new to this group and are looking forward to getting to know everybody! Just started with underwater photography so we're still a bit rough around the edges.

Let us know what you think of this shot!


Corné en Arjan