The Rocks during Vivid

Sydney's Vivid Festival lights up the city for three weeks of the year during the start of winter. This is the view of the Rocks precinct of which I love the colours.

National Mall at night, Washington, DC.

This shot was taken at the Reflecting Pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial. It shows the Washington Monument, US Capitol and other attractions along the Mall. The sun had had set about 15 minutes before, leaving just enough ambient light to give some color to the sky. I used a tripod and exposed for 8 seconds at f/8 and an ISO of 100,...

New to group

My first post to this group. I enjoy getting constructive feedback on my images and am willing to provide the same to anyone who asks for CC. I live near Chicago so my images will be familiar to those who live, or have lived, in the Windy City. This is a three image pano shot from near the Chicago River Locks.


Seattle at Dusk

Curious on what you guys think of this nightish/dusk composite - honest C&C is welcome.

I'm excited that Spring is here and daylight hours are extending past my workday; I hadn't seen sunlight on a weekday since October prior to this shot. OK not really, but pretty much.

Anyway, this is a two shot composite taken at slightly...


I was in NYC last week and visited the WTC. This shot with the sun reflection is a composite of three images. CC encouraged. Thanks

Burj Khalifa

A photo I shot last year in Dubai. several imaged merged and tone mapped to get final picture.

Nikon D800
14-24mm at 14mm
15 seconds
ISO 100

Would love to hear everyones thoughts on what they think and how i could make it better!

Blue Light Yokohama

Hi Everyone! This is a 4-shot panorama of the Yokohama skyline. What do you think? The blue sky was a result of raising the shadows and boosting the contrast in LR. CC or any comments are very much welcomed. THANK YOU, and looking forward to seeing more posts in this group.

Chain Bridge

Europe has so many beautiful cities. Budapest is one of them and the Chain Bridge is a spot that a lot of people photograph. Here is my take on the bridge.