Is This The First Selfie Stick Photograph?

Is This The First Selfie Stick Photograph?

Ah, the selfie stick. And here we were thinking this was a new invention! Taken in 1934, Helmer Larsson and his wife, Naemi Larsson, show true human ingenuity as they pose for a portrait together in Wermland, Sweden, using a literal selfie stick. I think this is the first photograph I've seen where a selfie stick doesn't make the user look like an absolute tool.

What is it about humans that makes us want to take selfies? It was something in our DNA far before cameras were even dreamed of. Painters sat stoically, cavemen drew on the walls. Why is it that we want others to know "Here I am, this is what I looked like, this is what I was doing"? With the introduction of the front facing camera, though, everyone takes selfies (don't lie, you know you do) and they seem to have lost any special nature they once possessed. Unfortunately, my friends' selfies usually just look stupid, but the Larssons look like they are up to no good, and I actually want to be their friend. 

Obviously, the Larssons were not the first couple to take a selfie with a camera; check out the rest of these amazing images (some dating back to the 1840s). You can click on them to view full size. Check out the mirror shots — Myspace profile pics galore! 

What are some of your favorite vintage selfies? 

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Using a stick to activate the shutter it seems

Because that isn't creepy as all get out.

The word "selfie" should cease to exist. It's sounds really dumb. I understand it's a short way of saying "self portrait", but seriously....

That is literally true.

Fritz, it's one of Australia's rare contributions to the English language. *Weeps tears of Aussie pride* ;-)

Think about the two terms: Selfie and Self Portrait. Do they conjure the same image in your mind?

I think "selfie" differentiates the act of a quick self snapshot with that of a more formal self portrait— one that was thought out and created with craft and possibly art in mind. Self portraits are a legitimate genre of art as photography, whereas the selfie has a more utilitarian motive, snapshot feel, or mindlessness associated with it.

this guy knows what he's talking about.


Two words, Mr Bean... Vintage doesn't get much better :-)

No it's most likely NOT a selfie stick but a brownie on a tripod where the guy used the stick to push the shutter button.

I think a couple of people missed the funny pun; it's a literal stick they are using to take a "selfie" - therefore a selfie stick. :)