A Review of the Sega Digio SJ-1 Camera From 1996

With camera technology as good as it is nowadays, it can be easy to forget just how quickly things have advanced in the span of just a few short decades. As a case in point, this fun video reviews the Sega Digio SJ-1, a nifty point and shoot camera from 1996.

Coming to you from LGR, this neat video takes a look at the Sega Digio SJ-1 camera. And before you ask, yes, it's that Sega, the one of "Sonic the Hedgehog" fame. The SJ-1 was Sega's first and only foray into the camera market, but it's actually a rather interesting little device given the time it came out. It even features a screen within the viewfinder a la mirrorless cameras. In addition, it uses a 10mm f/1.9 lens and outputs massive 320 x 240 files (.0768 megapixels for those keeping score). Obviously, it's not going to win any awards for image quality, but if you're like me and enjoy seeing the technology of yesteryear and how it has all evolved to bring us to where we are today, this is definitely a fun video worth watching. Check it out above for the full rundown on this neat piece of history. 

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I just spent all last night watching LGR. Thanks Alex!