How To Photograph Real Estate and Vacation Rentals

Camera Sutra T-Shirt in High Demand

Camera Sutra is a tale of love between a photographer and his camera. This witty shirt was designed by Trey Ratcliff, HDR phenom of the site, and is being sold on his site store. About the shirt Ratcliff said, "We don't take ourselves too seriously around here... occasionally we seem to find ourselves in embarrassing positions with our tripods, so we thought it best to consult the hallowed ancient tome of the Camera Sutra and make a t-shirt out of it." Read on to see all the named positions.

Surprisingly I believe I have covered each of the Camera Sutra moves before knowing their names, except for the "UnderExposed." Fstoppers actually posted an article back earlier this year of photos of photographers shooting in awkward positions. Definitely worth taking a couple minutes to check out and brighten up your day. Here is a link to What You May Look Like When Taking Pictures.


You can pick up your Camera Sutra t-shirt for $19.99 by visiting the store. So... which position is your favorite?

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