Eight Fun Ideas for Shooting Hilarious Portraits With Your Friends

The Cooperative of Photography (COOPH) wants us to kick 2018 off with a bit of fun and inspiration. To help get our creative juices flowing, they've compiled eight ideas for taking some wonderfully weird portraits using common household items.

You're undoubtedly going to want to try a few of these. For me, it was the "pano-portrait." It's arguably the least creative of the bunch, but oddly enough, I've never seen this done before. For many of you, these will be old news, but don't just take them point for point. Instead, let them be a starting place for your creativity to experiment with and expand upon.

The Pano-Portrait

Use the panorama mode on your phone or camera and have your subject slowly turn their head while they keep their body still.

How many of these were new for you? Let us know in the comments below, or better yet, teach us something new by adding to this list with some suggestions of your own. We hope you enjoy trying some of these with your friends and are inspired to think outside the box.

Just a closing point: Many of these ideas involves handling some potentially dangerous materials. Sheets of glass, pressurized air, and airborne fluids can create some spectacular effects, but don't forget to consider the safety of you and your subjects when you are trying some of these.

[via COOPH]

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Gabrielle Colton's picture

Too funny, I'll have to give some of these a try

Michael B. Stuart's picture

Love the leafblower idea!

Deleted Account's picture

I want to try to do the same with a chainsaw!