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Grandmother Swept Out to Sea After Posing for Picture on 'Ice Throne'

A grandmother posing for a picture on an "ice throne" was swept out to sea and had to be rescued by a passing boat, but she's taking the ordeal quite well.

During a recent trip to Iceland, Judith Streng went to Diamond Beach in Jökulsárlón with her son. While there, they saw a piece of ice resembling a throne that several children were taking pictures on, and Streng decided to follow suit. Unfortunately for her, once she got on the ice throne, a large wave came crashing in and dislodged it, then pulled the entire thing out to sea with her still on it. 

Thankfully, Randy Lacount, a boat captain from Florida, happened to be on the water and was well versed in water rescues, so he quickly jumped into action. Lacount was able to rescue Streng without an issue, but not before her son captured a second picture of the Iceberg Queen being carried away, looking remarkably calm and pleasant given the circumstances. Her granddaughter, Catherine, said: "When I first got the text, I laughed out loud at work, because that's just so something that would happen to my family."

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As ice floating on water should have 80 or 90% of his volume under water I am not sure that it is not a fake ;)

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It was probably being dragged across the shallow bottom as it was bring pulled out. As stated, she as quickly rescued so I don't think she got very far out. The Florida boat captain probably ran out into the water. I think there's been some embellishment about being "Pulled out to sea".

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By chance the captain was already on the scene...……and the photographer kept on shooting pictures instead of going to help.........

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Totally just a made up story to keep us distracted so people don't notice that the earth is flat. The same people behind chemtrails.

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I’ve been to this place. These are small icebergs and get washed away as quickly as they wash up on the shore. The surf in Iceland can be pretty rough.

Nice assessment of physics, but I don’t believe this story is fake.

Mads Peter Iversen's picture

Did he say Ireland???

Chad D's picture

the current problem with idiots we have making stuff up just to get attention quite sad !

she is on the BEACH almost no real waves etc.. pure idiocy fluff to get attention

and sadly idiot places like this post it ? why feed the crap ? just about done with this blog its become as pathetic as the rest which is sad

Alex Cooke's picture

You seem like you’re having a bad day. Go have a cookie. 🤗

Jeff Walsh's picture

Wow, you should probably take a break from the internet, or go get a hug or something.

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The next time we see you posting comments should we remind you that you said you were just about done with this place?

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I don't think you watched the whole thing.

Þorkell Sigvaldason's picture

There are pretty damn obvious warning signs they'd have to walk past to get where they went. Said warning signs warn them against doing just what they did.

Warning signs, especially in Iceland, are not fucking decorations.

Tourists! Feh!

Noah Stephens's picture

I choose to believe she was doing performance art that challenges our assumption age is related to wisdom.

Jon Premosch's picture

The photographer let her get that far while still taking photos before he realized he should probably help her? wtf

Michelle Maani's picture

Some photographers tend to do that...they become disconnected from reality when they are behind a camera.