Have You Committed Any of These Photographer Faux Pas?

Sometimes as photographers we can find ourselves doing things that range from unprofessional to cliche. Have you done any of these faux pas?

Coming to us from Jessica Kobeissi, this video explores a game of bingo filled with unprofessional photo practices, and some cliches thrown in there for good measure. This includes things like using books as a tripod, or having a hard drive corrupt, or some clichés like shooting at sunrise or taking a self portrait. It's a fun little video and it's nice to hear Jessica's fun anecdotes of her hard drive failing or ruining a roll of film.

While some of these things I don't think belong on the bingo card, like shooting at night. Some of these I am definitely guilty of: like having a hard drive corrupt, or asking a stranger for a photo shoot. There are also a few things I've never done on the list, like shooting a wedding, or trespassed for a photo (allegedly). 

Have you ever done any of the things outlined in this video? I know I got a bingo for sure. I'd love to hear some stories in the comments below. Did you get a bingo? Or were things more scattered around?

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chris bryant's picture

I suffered about 30 or so seconds of waffle before I had to reach for the sick bucket. Please Stop waffling and get to the point.

Wonder Woman's picture

No, I MUST entertain you! Please be entertained!

Fristen Lasten's picture

I found this funny and enjoyable. Thanks Jessica!