Photographer Plans to Fill His Kids’ Holiday Wish Lists by Picking Up Extra Gigs Paying in Exposure

Photographer Plans to Fill His Kids’ Holiday Wish Lists by Picking Up Extra Gigs Paying in Exposure

Worcester, MA: A local photographer plans to fill all his kids' holiday gift lists by taking on some extra exposure gigs. 

The photographer, Tim Podeski, was initially concerned by some of the holiday requests made by his children's gift lists:

Well, Peter, Paul, and Mary are great kids, and we've always wanted to give them everything they want. At first, it was all the normal things: action figures, video games — that sort of stuff. But the last year or so, their tastes seem to have become way more expensive. Mary has become a huge science enthusiast, which is wonderful, but it also means she wants her first computer. Paul caught the music bug and wants a drum set. And Peter has been taking horseback riding lessons and wants his own pony now! Do you have any idea how much those things eat!? Obviously, things are getting expensive.

Initially perplexed as to how to find the extra money to fulfill his children's dreams, Podeski was idly scrolling through his Facebook feed when he had a brilliant idea:

A lot of my friends are jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon, which got me thinking: if all the rage is alternate currencies, why not start using exposure as a currency? People have been asking to pay me with it for years, so obviously, there's the demand for it! And look at how Bitcoin is exploding! If we get in on the ground floor of exposure, we could not only pay for our kids' presents, we could be rich! I immediately booked a ton of gigs that had offered to pay me in exposure.

Fstoppers decided to ask retailers where Podeski was planning to buy the presents if they would accept exposure as a currency. We first stopped by the local computer store to ask if they would accept exposure as payment:


Next, we stopped by the local music store to ask if the $1,299 drum set Paul had his heart set on could be bought with exposure:

Dude, what? Nah.

Finally, we stopped by the horse farm to ask the trainer if the pony, Little Sebastian, could be bought with exposure bucks and if so, what the current conversion rate from U.S. dollars was:

Get off my property. 

Fstoppers will keep you updated on Podeski's holiday shopping. 

Lead image by freestocks, used under Creative Commons.

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Alex Cooke is a Cleveland-based portrait, events, and landscape photographer. He holds an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and a doctorate in Music Composition. He is also an avid equestrian.

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Next stop for Podeski -GoFundMe... Kickstarter....Indiegogo...Patreon...

i guess getting paid in 5 layer gum is a better option then.

LOL I forgot those commercials.

Love it! More please!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Presentation is everything. I'm sure Mr. Podeski will get much better results when he explains to the retailers how he'll show the computer in the background of his indoor shots, loan the drums for use at concert gigs and do kids portraits on the pony, branded with their equine brand. :-)

I’ll pass along your advice to him and include the results in our next update. :P

yes update please, this is intresting :), thanks..

He's behind the times. Retailers don't want exposure, they want influence. Influence, not exposure, is the currency of the realm. As long as he's got 100k or so followers on Instatwitface he should be golden.

This is fantastic!

I know everyone complains about the "for exposure" gigs but those are actually the ones that put food on my table. Not directly of course but I find client work does not attract new client work for me- or at least not as much as I'd like. Every so often I have to roll up my sleeves and work for free in order to get the exposure to get the gigs.

Was offered payment in "promotion" yesterday actually. Is that superior or inferior to "exposure" in value? Will I have better luck buying a pony with it?

Let me call the farm and ask.

RIP Little Sebastian!

Miss you in the saddest fashion :(

Kind of ironic that the photo accompanying this article was paid for with exposure. 😆

I'd like to get a family portrait. Will Podeski do it for exposure?