Here's Why You Need to Take More Selfies

The photography community is generally quite snobbish when it comes to selfies. Selfies aren't even considered a proper form of photography by many individuals, which is obviously ridiculous. I, for one, think that we aren't taking half as many selfies as we should. 

In a recent video by Ozzy Man Reviews, Ethan Marrell demonstrates the joyous act of taking selfies. There's clearly something quite wonderful about taking a picture of yourself with some beautiful scenery behind you. Sometimes, you can even have friends and famous people with you in the picture, just so you can broadcast exactly who you're with and where you are to the rest of the world. If you really want to impress, you can even try to take a selfie with wildlife just to show how epic you can be. It's important to remember that after you've taken enough selfies to max out the storage on your phone, you need to edit them before uploading. There's nothing worse than a filter-less selfie, so don't be that person. You may need to spend some time to select the perfect selfie, but let's face it, you'd rather be looking at your screen anyway. I haven't done any actual comparisons, but my phone resolution is probably better than real life, so what's the point of enjoying whatever is around you when you can look at it on your high-resolution phone?

Ultimately and most importantly, we need more people taking selfies instead of being aware of their surroundings so we can have more videos like this to enjoy. 

Lead photo by Mink Mingle on Unsplash, used under Creative Commons. 

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Lorin Duckman's picture

I say, more self-portraits.

user-156929's picture

I am *SO* glad you tagged it as Humor. :-)

Simon Patterson's picture

Ozzy Man is hilarious. I expected a NSFW label when I saw his name, but this video is the first one of his I've seen with pretty uncontroversial language throughout!