Hilarious Excuses Generator Brings Light to the Excuses We All Make Up as Photographers

Hilarious Excuses Generator Brings Light to the Excuses We All Make Up as Photographers

If you want to spend the new year with a solid laugh, you can thank Jonathan and Judith for this fun photography excuses generator. As a Denmark-based couple that have honed their skills in photography while appealing to a wide range of clientele around Europe, they have created a great, fun bit by poking fun at their own profession. The generator is simple: clicking refresh allows you to go to the next excuse. 

The generator pulls through a solid selection of fun and humorous excuses we might have actually used at some point in our careers. Obviously created to be fun, it's great to sit back and click through all the various things we are positive some photographers have told their clients or subjects when working with them. Things like this are what make a community of creatives great as we get the opportunity to have fun and even laugh at ourselves. Enjoy!

Some of my favorites on the list are, "I don't use Photoshop, it feels like cheating," and, "I always do that." Though I couldn't get away without mentioning some of my own excuses I have used personally like, "Sorry, had an emergency come up today, but will get to sending your photos later tonight!" 

Check it out and let us know some of the best excuses you have heard within the industry (or some of your own!) in the comments below.

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Andrew Griswold is a photographer and designer based in Indianapolis. Born and raised in Indy he has made a name for himself by staying very active in the creative community in both photography and design. He has also founded a community of photographers via Instagram connecting them with brands to work with and shoot locally.

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