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Hilarious Music Video Shows Nikon Is the Potato Camera That Everyone Should Hate

Nikon has been in the photography industry for a long time, but what have they actually done? I mean, sure, they've made plenty of great and extremely popular cameras, but anyone can do that. When have you ever seen Nikon try to be cool and attract a younger crowd? I guess there was the Nikon Df. However, what has Nikon done since then?

A recent video from prolific turtleneck wearer Sam Newton expresses precisely how everyone really feels about Nikon. It's one thing for a company to think it's ok to produce cameras; however, to actually see them being used by people is taking it a step too far. You've all probably seen those articles of what not to do around photographers and questions you shouldn't ask. Well, the worst thing you could ever do around a real photographer is admit to using a Nikon camera. 

Now some of you may be thinking: what's so bad about Nikon? This may seem like a reasonable question; unfortunately, you're just part of the problem. Only YouTubers and people that live in Australia would ever think about shooting with a Nikon camera, and even they know better. 

It's for this reason I and every proper photographer applaud Newton for his bravery and gumption. Only he has had the guts and raw talent to properly paint a picturesque portrait of what Nikon truly is, an overrated potato camera. I urge you good people of the internet, show your support by watching the video linked above on repeat. And if you're having unclean thoughts about shooting with a Nikon, here is a link that may help.  

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Usman Dawood is a professional architectural photographer based in the UK.

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As a Nikon shooter, I just here for the comments 😂

Oh, so now is ok to punch down? Fantastic.
You know it's satire because it's a Canon lens in that potato XD
I guess every 12 years we'll get a video like this.... Memba Joey L's Nikon Girl?

Them sounds like fightin' words. XD

Actually a pretty good production. I had it on a playlist and thought it was a real music vid.

Pohh tay toe

All in good fun, this isn’t an attack on Sam Newton...

It was a lovely morning
Sippin coffee on my deck
Checkin camera news
When what the heck!?

A parody video
By this guy Sam Newton
Callin’ out what camera
A photographer be shootin’

Poking fun at a brand
I can understand
But not while you promote sponsors
Trying to build your own brand

He vlogs on YouTube...
Oh no, no, no
He vlogs on YouTube...
Oh no, no, no.

I mean. potatoes are pretty damn tasty lol. fun vid XD

Can't imagine a world without potatoes

I shoot on Nikon and the video was hilarious!! Wonder how much time it took to take it and write the song etc. without watching the making off... just great music video! Let me grab my NIK🥔N now and take some nice pictures of my kids. 😂😍 ironically he show Potatoe Joe at the end of his video 🤣🤣🤣🤣

😂. I’m going to be humming this tune as I shoot pics on my new potatoe z6ii.
Excellent video. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

What is the reason for the potato? Without this info I don’t get the satire at all.

basically says nikons are such crap you might as well take a photo with a potato

It still feels like it was yesterday when Joey L was singing "I was a canon and she was a nikon". Damn I'm old.

Lol I forgot about that vid. It was pretty funny too XD

YouTuber that shoots with Nikon?

Click bait, nothing more