A Humorous Look at Why Photographers Make the Worst Photo Clients

Pretty much every photographer I have met likes to be in control of a shoot down to the minutiae; after all, they are the ones behind the camera. So, what happens when we have to relinquish that control and get in front of the camera? This humorous video explores just that.

Coming to you from Jessica Kobeissi, this hilarious video makes fun of the awkward situations that no doubt arise when you take a photographer from behind the camera and put them in front of it. While I'm fairly sure (or at least I certainly hope) that few of us are this overt in our desire to conduct a shoot and to appease our perfectionist anxiety, I have no doubt that most of us have experienced this at least as an inner monologue while having our photo taken or observing. I can certainly think of a few times I've felt that bit of anxiousness crop up when I saw the lights being set up the wrong way at an event or the like, but hey, we just have to swallow it and let people do their jobs, right? Ok, maybe I'll just tell him to turn the power down on the key, then I'll shut up. I swear. 

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Jeff McCollough's picture

She is really annoying.

Johnny Rico's picture

Yeah, I really don't get the humor.

Jeff McCollough's picture

Well I didn't even watch the video because most of her other videos are just her being super annoying.

Leigh Smith's picture

Well thats kinda the point

Jeff McCollough's picture

I'm saying that she is annoying in all her videos.

Leigh Smith's picture

You mean she's a millennial, lol

Jeff McCollough's picture

Not all people in that age range are annoying. Just her.

Jon Miller's picture

Yep, some of this definitely I've done when some one was trying to shoot me. Hence, why I try to never get in front of the camera.

Kolade Agunbiade's picture

Lol, she cranked it up past a notch. We aren't that bad.

michael buehrle's picture

the video ended before the humor started. is there a part 2 i missed ?