More Awesome Photographers Shoot the Same Model: London Edition

Hopefully by now people have had a chance to get familiarized with videos that are circulating featuring three to four photographers all getting together for a day and shooting the same model. It's an awesome idea that can really bring together a small group of creatives for a fun and challenging group project and photoshoot. It seems like a great way to bring people together with a creative vision and just plain make art. This video is that very concept brought to us straight from London.

The idea has gained some serious ground due to the immense success and popularity of Jessica Kobeissi's YouTube videos. You may remember the most recent edition to her series featuring four photographers shooting the same model. Definitely watch that video too, as it's a great look at the what happens when multiple portrait photographers each bring their own unique style and vision to a single set. 

The three U.K.-based photographers in this video have five minutes to create their vision for each set with glamour model and makeup artist Nicky Redd. The competitors are Fashion and Fine Art Photographers Holly Stones and Adam Bird, and Glamour and Fine Art Photographer Amy Spanos. Each of them chooses one set location, one wardrobe, and a prop that everyone has to work with. What can only be described as creativity unleashed ensues.

You've got to love the concept here: putting a group of creatives on the clock to create something unique knowing that the other photographers will be doing their thing in the same spot with the same model. It's amazing to watch videos like this one as well as Kobeissi's series and get to see each artists signature style being created in a single location. It's really awesome to see everyone create their own look, pushing their creative boundaries to come up with the final shot. 

This is an idea I can only hope continues to grow and continues to spread. I absolutely love the idea and love watching groups of artists create. It's not about competition or winning, it's about having fun with a group of new friends. It's about bringing your vision to life and challenging yourself to get your shot when someone else may have chosen the location and wardrobe. The photographers may or may not have met each other before the video, so the potential to network and make new friends is huge. Not to mention that as a model the idea of having a group of talented photographers all bring their own style of imagery to a shoot for a day must be pretty awesome. 

Is this a concept that you want to see more of? Is this something that you'd like to participate in? Do you think that you would be able to craft your image in a short amount of time if someone else picked a location and styling and said you've got five minutes? Watch the video, check out work the great work by everyone involve, and chime in on what you see. Could you create your look if the pressure was on?

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Ryan Cooper's picture

These photographers killed it, all amazing images in images locations. Kudos.

Evan Kane's picture

Each of them really brings something unique to the table, I love it!

user-156818's picture

Really gorgeous work from all three photographers.

We were talking about doing something like this with photographers here on Vancouver Island