Photo Enthusiast Travels the Globe to Steal and Replicate Photographer Duo’s Exact Images

Photo Enthusiast Travels the Globe to Steal and Replicate Photographer Duo’s Exact Images

Most photographers have experienced some kind of image theft, or had someone take a little too much inspiration from their work, and just straight up replicate their photo. But in a case I recently discovered through an article on Retouchist, travel photographers Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen have fallen victim to a copycat. The difference being that their apparent number one fan actually travels the globe in order to mimic their images.

With a combined two million followers, the duo have undoubtedly attracted some hard core fans, and it’d be fair to say they’ve likely inspired a few people to go travelling.

Check out how this story unfolded below, in this series of pictures courtesy of the pair’s Instagram stories, where they shared screenshots of the original photo alongside the replica. Note the finer details - not only is the composition of both images almost identical, but often the subject is sporting the same outfit, or is surrounded by almost the exact same props. There’s flattery, and then there’s a psychopathic level of dedication to ripping off someone else’s art. This project must be costing the copycat a small fortune – and for what?!

Bet you feel a little better about someone trying to rip your photo off that one time, huh?

[via Retouchist]

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Jacques Cornell's picture

Jeez, someone needs to get a life.

LA M's picture

Not news...but funny.

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Jim Holmes's picture

This is nothing new. Was happening to David Muench 30+ years ago as well as Ansel Adams for decades.

Jose SEGURA's picture

How ironic. This article is the exact same copy of Pratik Naik article with an intro..

Jack Alexander's picture

Hence why it's called a repost and has full credits to the original source my friend

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Anonymous's picture

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Ed Rhodes's picture

guess we should all stop photographing Yosemite. Ansel Adams beat us to it.

Kawika Lopez's picture

There are subtle differences in the copycat's composition, mostly the vertical positioning of the camera, that suggest that she's doesn't quite grasp framing. Kind of missing what makes the originals special.

But yes, I'd be quite flattered.

Mr Hogwallop's picture

It may be a statement on the contrived and cliche photos that are travel photography. Funny that some of the copies are better than the first version.

Lars Daniel Terkelsen's picture

Haha, the moroccan city shot is definitely more to my liking.

Pieter Batenburg's picture

That is scary