Photographers Show Us What Not to Do in This Funny Fail Compilation

As slick as we may think we look, the truth is there are times when we simply fail as photographers. Thankfully, another photographer is typically nearby to capture your failure in all of its glory.

Professional photographers are beacons of astute timing, precise judgment, and creative decision making. We're often well-dressed and cool like the breeze. We’re certainly not the type to be caught with our hand down our pants or with a finger up our nose. Right?

If you’ve been in the photography business for long enough, chances are that you’ve bumped into someone while shooting, tripped over a curb while walking backwards, or perhaps you’ve made the ill-advised decision to scratch that pesky itch at an inopportune time. It’s all part of the game when you’re grinding it out as professional photographer. How you deal with your slip-up is ultimately what determines whether it was a happy little accident or an utter failure that will take years to live down. 

If you're unable to laugh at yourself, or simply need a reason to chuckle, take the next five or six minutes to observe what not to do, brought to you by photographers that learned the hard way.

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Anonymous's picture


the guy with the lens cap on. that's me. every. single. time.

Ryan Mense's picture

Followed by the side-eyeing to see if anyone else saw and pretending you were actually just doing something else and weren't interested in the shot the whole time.

Jacques Cornell's picture

Another photographer knelt behind me, and when I backed up, I fell right over her. Good thing the ballroom carpeting was soft.

Anonymous's picture


Real curious what the fist fight at a wedding was about