Quarantined Photographer Captures Entire Wedding Day of Lego Characters at Home for Hilarious Photo Series

Quarantined Photographer Captures Entire Wedding Day of Lego Characters at Home for Hilarious Photo Series

Every photographer is dealing with the global pandemic in a different way. For Chris Wallace, that means shooting a wedding with Lego pieces. This brilliantly creative series follows the ceremony, reception, and even family group photos with incredible accuracy to that of a real wedding.

A wedding photographer (to real people) by trade, Wallace runs Carpe Diem Photography in the U.K. Naming his bride and groom as Florence and Fred, he got to work documenting every aspect of their big day. “On the Amazon conveyor belt, their eyes made contact and they fell in love, it was from that moment they knew they would be together forever,” he joked.

On the wedding day, Fred Arrived at the venue in his 90’s Mercedes SL-500 that he found in the attic. Along with his groomsmen, he enjoyed a relaxed drink prior to the ceremony. Florence, unfortunately, had to get ready on her own as her bridesmaids were in isolation and due to inflated prices, were far too expensive to buy from Amazon.

Now, Wallace is revealing anecdotes of the various techniques he used in order to create the humorous series, including the wedding venue being majority red and yellow due to having most logo bricks that color. He recalls the “very funny but silent speeches” that took place there. The sunset was created thanks to his flash and an orange gel, before he squirted the toys with water to capture some dramatic raining shots. He even used a sunset image, obtained via a quick Google search, to take pictures of the newly-married couple together.

We’re pleased to report that Wallace says the couple were super easy to work with and took direction very well!

If you wish to see the rest of the brilliant series, check out Wallace’s full gallery here. Find more of his regular work at his websiteFacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

All images courtesy Chris Wallace of Carpe Diem Photography, and used with permission.

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“Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you’re on quarantine...”

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Very cool. I saw something similar using action figures. If I could remember where I saw it, I’d share the link.

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Amazing. I did a similar project a few months ago. I keep trying lego themed projects, but nothing to this extent. He's good.

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This is so sad...

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priceless and very inspiring