The Top 6 Photography Humor Videos That Still Hold up in 2021

The internet is a strange and wonderful place. While there are a lot of tutorials about how to become a better photographer or what piece of gear is better than the other, sometimes, you just need to have a little fun.

So after many years of watching YouTube photography videos under my belt, there are a few that have stood out as particularly humorous. These are the six that still hold up in 2021 as the funniest photography videos out there.

6. Canon 7D Hardcore Durability Test

In the glory days of DigitalRev TV, Kai Wong put the OG Canon 7D to the test. He wasn’t measuring image quality or ergonomics, but rather whether the camera could survive being set on fire, hit by a truck, shot at, dropped, and frozen in ice. While Wong described the camera as smelling like a “smoking, burnt condom” and looking like the “bastard lovechild of the Hulk and the Elephant Man,” the camera amazingly still shot pictures. This video is not for the faint of heart.

5. Wedding Photographer Falls Into a Lake

While this falls into the category of schadenfreude, there’s no shortage of funny video on YouTube of photographers falling into bodies of water, whether that’s into the lake above or a pool or a fountain. This one takes the cake, though, because while the reaction from the crowd is what gets your attention initially, it’s the concern for the photographer that all the guests show that gets you right in the feels. That has to hurt, though, seeing all that gear and memories going under. I certainly hope everything ended up okay for these poor photographers.

4. Nickelback: Look at Your Photographs

OK, it’s technically an advertisement for Google Photos, but it’s a great parody of the ultimate photography punching bag of a song, Nickelback’s "Photograph." The way they were able to cut in old footage from the original video but have Chad Kroeger holding a cell phone instead is uncanny. It’s good to see that even the lead singer of the band can have a sense of humor about the song years later. Is this also the space where I should admit that I went to a Nickelback concert back in 2002?

3. Double Exposure: Canon Versus Nikon

Anybody who is a fan of the Counterstrike series of video games can appreciate this gritty, urban-warfare take on gunplay with cameras. The special effects and clever use of photographic tools such as umbrellas are cheesy enough to elicit a good chuckle, but the kicker is the failure of the Pocket Wizard at the end that leads to the terrorists losing. Anyone with a Pocket Wizard that’s failed on them (and if my experience with Pocket Wizard is accurate, that would be all Pocket Wizard users) can relate. There’s even a making of video.

2. Nikon Girl Music Video, The Photo Club

Remember in the mid-2000s where Nikon and Canon shooters were like oil and water? Users of each brand seemed to be locked into a holy war when in reality, as this music video clearly says, they both took similar enough pictures. That said, the idea of a Canon user losing a few dates for making fun of Nikon shooters doesn’t sound that far-fetched. Two big takeaways from this video: Pentax was still the butt of every photography joke even more than a decade ago, and you’ll never look at sliding your UV filter over your 70-200mm lens the same ever again. Practice safe photography, people.

1. Battle At F-Stop Ridge 2

Have you ever joked that the continuous shooting mode on your new EOS-1D X Mark III sounds like a machine gun? Maybe your telephoto looks like a howitzer? Canadians must take those jokes quite literally, because the folks at The Camera Store in Calgary, including a young Jordan Drake and Chris Niccolls (of DPReview TV fame) created a series of videos called the Battle At F-Stop Ridge, which features war games played out with cameras. While the first one is a bit creepy and quiet (and Chris and Jordan explain why in the making of video), the second one was an epic battle scene that could rival anything you see in “Saving Private Ryan,” minus the actual guns. I don’t know about the person in the video with the un-gripped Nikon D700 though. I’d want to go in with at least the battery grip to boost the motor drive up to 8 fps. This video is a must-see classic if you’re into camera humor.

Your Picks?

Do you have favorite photography humor videos? Do you disagree with the ones I’ve listed here? Leave your thoughts and share your videos in the comments below.

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Wasim Ahmad is an assistant teaching professor teaching journalism at Quinnipiac University. He's worked at newspapers in Minnesota, Florida and upstate New York, and has previously taught multimedia journalism at Stony Brook University and Syracuse University. He's also worked as a technical specialist at Canon USA for Still/Cinema EOS cameras.

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His commitment to the role is amazing.

Great show!

Also, re: you going to a Nickelback concert

You're fired.

I think a few months later I accidentally walked into an O-Town concert, but in my defense I had just had Spiedies from like six different animals and was in a haze.


Digital Rev, Kai and Phillip Bloom, the barbie shootout -

Will have to save this one for the best video humor videos. It's great.

These are all great!

The 7D vid made me cringe!

I still have mine! Good to know it's durable beyond anything I would subject it to!

I started shooting back in 2012. Man, some these takes me back. Though, I've never seen #3. After some sleuthing and calculations and re-arranging the galaxy, it was because that was a 2011 video. :D

No "I wanna be a cameraman"? For shame!

love this

Kai setting the 7D on fire will always be #1 on my list.