[Video] An Open Letter To Canon, Stop The Lies!

I had a hunch but it has now been confirmed that Canon and Vincent Laforet have teamed up to trick the worlds consumers into buying new camera equipment. Apparently to use a camera properly you need to have talent and original ideas but Canon has failed to put either in the box with any of their cameras. Vincent Laforet has been caught using his own personal good ideas in conjunction with Canon cameras to produce a false reality. Until Canon begins to package talent AND creativity with their cameras, I call for a boycott!

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You only get the talent by sending in the rebate card that comes with the camera. Great stuff!

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I really don't get it.. kind of dumb IMO

Acts like the kind of guy who wears a fanny pack.

I find your material hilarious and the comments from the people who don't get it or that are offended is pure entertainment for me. I love the controversy. .Keep it up.

Shouldn't you have done your homework before you spent your money?

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What a piece of shit! it is supposed to be labeled HUMOR oh and I totally agree that you should be a trained professional to use a camera properly, I don't fucking want the "prosumers" taking my job. I go to school for photo and I stand behind my opinion. 

If "prosumer" is better than you, why shouldn't he take your job? :D If you are better, you have nothing to worry about ;)

Not sure if serious. If serious then "LOL, U go 2 film skl nd stl lse 2 amtr!11!"

pretty lame video...

especially when the audio is mixed wrong with 98% coming out the left channel and 2% out of the right.

HAHA I just got this after reading it a couple times.

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it amazes me how many people take this video seriously and don't get the sarcasm ..

I don't see how praising individuals such as V. Laforet by mocking others such as prosumers actually brings anything to the debate or the audience, nor how does it enrich individuals and the community... quite uninteresting.

@fstoppers: perhaps a good idea would be to label this video, the fanny pack story and the like as humor or cynism so, as readers, we know what to expect...

@Bogdan: Looks like people get it but I'm not quite sure fstoppers audience is looking for sarcasm by visiting the site.

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Sorry you lost 2min 05sec of your life watching this. Not everything has to be enriching or bring a debate.. especially when all the content of fstoppers.com is provided to us "the audience" for free..  When someone is giving you something, appreciate it!.. don't go telling him how he should have wrapped it for you..

wie geil! :D

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It's still a funny video. I liked how he walked in and out of focus. I think we take some of this stuff too serious or... that's not the accurate way to put it but... anyway I laughed at this video while holding my 7D. I'll still be rocking my camera out, amidst the few too high off their helicopter to want me to. ;)

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this video is amazing. i don't think he is really talking to the Canon :)
and i know you can make great things with low-bugdet equipment...

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Perfect antidote to new-equipment-fever.

In an industry of exclusive leather for exclusive albums shot by perfect octa's and exclusive egg crates... wit and irony win.

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This video is nearly a year old relax people...

Wow it surprises me to see how much a bunch of tight assess some of you are. Its supposed to be funny and it is! Some of you guys bitch just a bit too much about what can and can not be put on this site which is provided to you for free. if you do not like what the guys put up then dont visit, stop your yam yam...

This other guy with his "I go to school" this and that and thinks hes a photo God is getting to be a splinter.

Anyways it was funny and even Vincent Laforet found it so, and that is all that matters.

Thank you Fstoppers Staff!

Vincent Laforet  3 months ago
Can't believe it took me this long to hear about this... I'm still in pain from laughing...

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Funny and I liked it :-P

I liked the video. It was funny. Their are a lot of the prosumers on this site that don't find it funny because it is taking a jab at them too. It made a great point, a point that needs to be made. Great equipment does not equal great work. Vincent could take my iphone and make a better video with it than my mom could with the best camera ever made. Just because you own a camera does not make you a photographer or videographer, just an owner of a camera. 

I personally found it offensive that you threw in a porn shot in the middle of a video about camera gear.  This shows very little respect for your audience, and for women.

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a pair a legs and some undies hardly qualifies as porn..

1: Most of the people who cruise sites like this are guys.

2: It was clearly a joke

3: You call that porn?  Have you come to visit us all the way from the 1920's?

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oh jeez. seriously. oh jeez. 

Hey Jim, don't take it personally, but you might find this period of the year difficult to get through if that's porn, considering all the annual calendars coming out, Pirelli, Aubade, Vogue, GQ, Mens Health, Playboy, FarmGirls, Ski Instructor girls, FootballGirls and so on. I would recommend disconnecting from the Web... it's an unsafe place, with strange people :( 

Let's just take it for what it is, a BTS, and many BTS with models have some T&A in it, it's a body in underwear or swimwear... don't recall seeing anything more than we might see by a pool in mid summer in europe. :) 

This is freakin' funny! Just to be clear here, this is not a jab at "prosumers" in general, just the ones who feel compelled to bitch and moan on online forums and send emails to people like Vincent because they don't know how to make their Opus rather than actually doing something about it.

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Very ironic guess those who get offended by this video are either those who can't take humor or those who take themselfs way to seriouse.

To you guys at fstoppers thanks for giving me a great laugh today and for a inspiaring blog.

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