Canon Says There Is Still High Demand for DSLRs, Which May Delay Professional Mirrorless Model

Canon Says There Is Still High Demand for DSLRs, Which May Delay Professional Mirrorless Model

Many are wondering when Canon's primary focus will shift from DSLRs to its mirrorless line and in particular, when a professional-level mirrorless camera might be on the way. DP Review recently sat down with Canon for an interview, and they had some interesting insights that provide some illumination on the company's future plans. 

DP Review recently sat down with Toshio Matsumoto, Senior Principal Engineer, and Kazuyuki Suzuki, Chief of Operations at Canon, to discuss the forthcoming 1D X Mark III and the future of the both the EF and RF mounts and mirrorless cameras. The interview features a lot of interesting tidbits. Perhaps most interesting is that Canon mentioned there is still a strong demand for DSLRs, particularly for the benefits of an optical viewfinder. In fact, when asked about the potential design of a future mirrorless flagship, Canon was not yet sure. Altogether, DP Review interprets the company's responses as an indication that a professional-level sports-oriented mirrorless camera from Canon may be a bit further off than we had hoped, with most of the attention being focused on the 1D X Mark III as it inches closer to its release. There are a lot of interesting tidbits, though, so head over to DP Review to read the full interview. 

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LA M's picture

"Not Yet Sure"....

Say's it all.

And I'll add...famous last words.

Jess Aggeboe's picture

Of course, Canon says this, because they are not yet ready to deliver a professional mirrorless camera that can match the Sony A9 Mark2, so it is pure Canon advertising talk that I only can laugh at .....

Sidney M's picture

Any Canon entry-level can cut a swathe through the slug-trail left by any Sony's overheating green tinge image. The only race Sony ever won was a race to the bottom, forcing Fuji to copy with overheating cameras too. Really innovative that.

Sidney M's picture

Just adding some stir-fry to the mix Alex, so don't take too seriously (I know no one did anyway :D ). That said, I do think Canon have seriously stepped up a gear. :)

Chad Andreo's picture

Canon and Fuji shooter here.
I live and shoot weddings in Miami and I’ve never had any overheating problems.

EL PIC's picture

Lead .. Follow .. or Get Out of the Way !!

Carl Murray's picture

Immediately makes me think of Idiocracy, where he says "I always get out of the way!"

Christian Fiore's picture

What issues have you had with yours?

Yin Ze's picture

Lol Ja1n. The two a9 have made me a lot of money since I switched from dslr last year because they always nail the image. No more back/front focusing issues from dslr and I can actually use my fast glass wide open. Canon is a joke right now with that statement. I know they have the Brains and resources to do better than Sony and will eventually catch up so that statement by ceo is disingenuous at best.

Yin Ze's picture

You are like a parrot that keeps repeating yourself.

Dan Donovan's picture

I just shot a season of Major League Baseball with my a9 and a7RIII. I would NEVER EVER go back to a DSLR. Mirrorless cameras have many advantages over a DSLR, and the Sony cameras are very good. The just-released a9II and a7RIV are even better.

Yin Ze's picture

DAN! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE WHEN the A9 or a92 is "isn't a proff and trustful camera." according to Jan. Please RETURN THE A9, delete your tack sharp images from all your hard drives, switch back to Canon and hand back the money your clients pay you because you R living a LIE! I will also return my A7rIV as the images are not "trustful".

Sidney M's picture

The green tinge must be my monitor, but tell me - did steam come out the top of the cam on the 22nd shot ?
(Jesting, no malice meant :) )

Elliot Sander's picture


Christian Fiore's picture

Then Canon will show what they can do when they're serious! ;)

Yin Ze's picture has already awarded the 1dmk3 a Silver+ award.

Steve K's picture

The same way there was still a demand for dumbphones for years after the iPhone launched.

Yin Ze's picture

Maybe the hipsters will switch back to dslr as they switched back to film from digital

Chad Andreo's picture

Don’t forget the flip phones.

inspiron dell's picture

Kazuyuki Suzuki went out for lunch with the same Pentax guy last year said people will shift back to DSLR in the next 2 years. He got a bit more than a year left to prove his point and so far so good, Canon seems want to join in.

The Photographer's picture

There Is Still High Demand for DSLRs

Yep. More rumors on the d760/70/90
Cant wait to get it for video.
Love my single digit nikons. The feel is awesome

Justin Coe's picture

The reality is a lot of people don't like change and changing system makes there nickers wet and pockets empty. Mirrorless makes sense and DSLR is the old film.
Canon are being silly not releasing a high end camera the problem is they waited too long and the competition is ever so more strong.

Benoit Pigeon's picture

Just so you know, you sound like a paid commercial. In the real world, what is the rush? Has my income dropped from not switching? No. Have my clients left? nope. You do not have to panic! Dslr and mirror less are still both digital and comparing dslr to film is... well, I don't have words for that. Have you ever shot film, have you even made the transition from film to digital or never shot film prior to digital? What's the rush, this is where you need to elaborate. I'm pretty sure most photographers can afford the transition, but what is the real rush?

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