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Canon Says There Is Still High Demand for DSLRs, Which May Delay Professional Mirrorless Model

Canon Says There Is Still High Demand for DSLRs, Which May Delay Professional Mirrorless Model

Many are wondering when Canon's primary focus will shift from DSLRs to its mirrorless line and in particular, when a professional-level mirrorless camera might be on the way. DP Review recently sat down with Canon for an interview, and they had some interesting insights that provide some illumination on the company's future plans. 

DP Review recently sat down with Toshio Matsumoto, Senior Principal Engineer, and Kazuyuki Suzuki, Chief of Operations at Canon, to discuss the forthcoming 1D X Mark III and the future of the both the EF and RF mounts and mirrorless cameras. The interview features a lot of interesting tidbits. Perhaps most interesting is that Canon mentioned there is still a strong demand for DSLRs, particularly for the benefits of an optical viewfinder. In fact, when asked about the potential design of a future mirrorless flagship, Canon was not yet sure. Altogether, DP Review interprets the company's responses as an indication that a professional-level sports-oriented mirrorless camera from Canon may be a bit further off than we had hoped, with most of the attention being focused on the 1D X Mark III as it inches closer to its release. There are a lot of interesting tidbits, though, so head over to DP Review to read the full interview. 

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Yin Ze's picture

Big difference is I can now shoot in many more locations such as TV/VIDEO studio where I was previously not allowed or had to rent a blimp.

Benoit Pigeon's picture

That sure could be an add on for this type of situation.

Matt Williams's picture

The 1DX Mark III is a damn impressive camera and it bests or equals any Sony in a number of areas. FAR better video specs, better video AF, matches the a9 in shooting speed in live-view, better weather-sealing, etc etc etc.

It really has as many features as a DSLR can have to match Sony's mirrorless (aside from IBIS). No idea how its live-view AF competes with Sony's but it claims to be able to keep pace with 20fps. Not sure if it has eye-AF or if on par.

Either way, it's truly damn impressive camera and I haven't said that about a Canon in YEARS.

So I don't blame them for putting effort and resources into making that camera - it will SELL.

But they do need to focus on making a mirrorless equivalent. As does Nikon (which I hear they have been).

Yin Ze's picture

And you say this after testing a preproduction copy of the 1dx3? The a9 and a92 are released products and small, light and way way cheaper than 1dx series.

Matt Williams's picture

Almost everything I said is just pure fact, not up for debate. Unless Canon is a liar. Yes, I do assume some good faith on the part of manufacturers to not say a camera can do 20fps if it cannot.

Everything else I qualified with things like "no idea how live-view AF compares."

I guess you could debate the weather-sealing statement, but to be honest, I wouldn't if I were you.

At any rate, no I have not tested one and I do not need to in order to justify my comment.

Yin Ze's picture

So you are just regurgitating Canon PR as fact. O----kaaaay.

Matt Williams's picture

I don't have a Canon. Haven't had one since 2009. Didn't say anything bad about any camera company.

People around here have some damn fragile egos (not talking about you specifically).

Matt Williams's picture

Ah my bad. It's been a rough few days. Apologies.

Matt Williams's picture

Dude. Specs (short for "specifications") are not "PR." They are facts, unless the company is straight up lying.

Most of what I said was regarding the specs of the camera and how it has nice features. Anything currently unknown about it I qualified with such a disclaimer.

I don't even shoot Canon, haven't for ten years, but I'll give credit where credit is due. The idea that you take offense to that is hilarious, especially given how benign my comment was. I didn't denigrate Sony. Just applauded Canon, for once. And that upsets you. Maybe think about why that is.

Yin Ze's picture

"The 1DX Mark III is a damn impressive camera and it bests or equals any Sony in a number of areas" - Unless you have handled the camera I wouldn't make such proclamations. We don't even know how many megapixels the 1dx3 is and how the hi-iso and af tracking will be compared to a9v2 which supposedly tracks subjects 60 times a second.

Reginald Walton's picture

So why wouldn't there still be a high demand for DSLR's? Not everyone is chasing the latest gadgets and technology.

jens c werenskiold's picture

Please don't make this site the new DPreview forum. I'm getting sick of Sony vs canon vs mirror less vs dslr. Rant of the day....

Robert Nurse's picture

Canon knows their business better than anyone. Consumers know what they want better than Canon! If Canon doesn't deliver what the consumer wants, regardless of how "ridiculous", someone else will.

Gary Pardy's picture

No sense in scaring your pro DSLR customers with mirrorless rumors when the 1DX III is on the horizon. The real sign of long term commitment to DSLRs will be in new glass - which I doubt we will see another first party entry to the holy trinity or standard workhorse primes in the EF or F mounts. Every consumer / enthusiast-grade DSLR sold by Canon and Nikon is a customer that is years away from buying into the mirrorless lens catalogue.

Robert Nurse's picture

And yet, Canon continues to pump out RF lenses. Yeah, ok.

Benoit Pigeon's picture

If they offer both, why wouldn't they produce them?

Robert Nurse's picture

Why would they delay professional mirrorless offerings if they're the only option for RF lenses? Why put out RF lenses only to be used by the EOS R and RP? Something has to be coming down the pipe sooner rather than later.

Benoit Pigeon's picture

Is it delayed? If you remember, and I am sure you do, Canon came out with the D30 and a year later the 1D. Then 4 years later came the 5D, which, you remember that too I'm sure was a big deal on forums as some people had decided that no full frame would come under $5K. Well it did and way below.
Bottom line, don't assume, expect Canon to follow their strategy and process, not the gossips. When it's ready it's ready. No rush.

Tony Northrup's picture

Here's how the conversation goes when I talk to pros who use DSLRs about the benefits of mirrorless.

Me: "You'd love having an EVF, you can preview your exposure and see the histogram so you never miss exposure."
Her: "I don't miss exposure now, though."
Me: "Eye detect AF is amazing!"
Her: "I don't have a problem focusing on eyes."
Me: "Um, flange distance?"

Benoit Pigeon's picture

Clearly, yes, it seem Eye detect can be a great feature. Are we all shooting portrait here? I don't for sure. For the little I may do, it's certainly not worth the cost. Is this a portrait debate? I have no use for f0.95 either.

D D's picture

I may be wrong, but it seems Tony is pointing out that mirrorless or dSLR doesn't matter. It's the photographer making the image and if they can make the image without the mirrorless advantages, they aren't in a rush to switch systems.

Benoit Pigeon's picture

True. The Sony brain washing massive amount of posts and advertising I have seen these past two years seem to be almost 100% dedicated to portraiture and I tend to get annoyed quickly and possibly come to wrong conclusions. If anything I tend to be repulsed by Sony for that single reason and have no plan on giving them a chance. I have no rush, when Canon has something, I'll look into it and decide.

Deleted Account's picture

Does flange distance even make a real difference to image quality?

Michael Clark's picture

Yep, and if you save raw and process after the fact, you don't really see what you get in the EVF, either.

Michael Romagnoli's picture

Canon: DSLR sales are tanking.

Also Canon: There is high demand for DSLRs, we swear!

David Stephen Kalonick's picture

Am I the only one stoked about the 5D Mark V? #&$@ a bunch of mirrorless.

Robert Nurse's picture

Not at all! I'm looking to move up from my Mark III and the Mark V will probably be where I'll land. But, canon has a way of underwhelming at times. So, I'm not getting my hopes up until there's some idea of what they'll do with it. I don't really care if it's mirrorless or DSLR.

Steve White's picture

If they bring out a 7D3 there's an extremely good chance that I'm part of that demand. If the only sport/wildlife oriented crop body DSLR they 're going to offer is the 90D there's a decent chance that I'm part of the demand.

And if they bring out a mirrorless with the capabilities of the 7D2 coupled with a 24 to 32MP sensor there's pretty much zero chance that I'll buy another DLSR, even though I'd need an adapter for my 100-400. Once I can get the same performance without it, I just can't imagine why I'd want the mirror