Healing Powers: Stroke Victim Uses Photography to Recover

For most of us, photography is a passion, a business, a hobby, or an artistic escape. For Maureen O'Sullivan-Day, however, it's helped her to recover from a stroke. This is an inspirational story that reminds us of how powerful artistic expression can be.

Last week I wrote an article about how photography has helped me to be more open and show more of myself through my work, and O'Sullivan Day's story really does reinforce how artistic creativity can add so many layers and textures to our lives and help in myriad ways. In January last year, O'Sullivan-Day, 54 at the time, had a stroke. It affected her speech, her memory, and her imagination. She also suffered from anxiety as she recovered. In order to regain her ability to use her mind and visualize things more clearly, she tried various things such as writing with her left hand, puzzles, and coloring, but nothing worked. Thus, on the recommendation of a good friend, she decided to take a four-day photography course. To say the course helped her would be an understatement, as it really helped her unlock the creativity inside her that had been blocked. Please watch the video to hear her whole story. What's equally as touching are the comments made on the video, which show how photography has helped numerous others struggling with various things in their lives. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts below, especially if you also have a story about how photography has helped you at certain times of your life, in whatever capacity.

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Good for her! excellent.

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I did the same recovering from mine.

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Hope your recovery is going well :)

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I suffered from a stroke in 2015 at the age of 27. I am almost 32 and still in recovery. I am still disabled and unable to drive or work. Photography has been a huge part of my recovery and finding something that actually feels normal to my mind. I love portrait photography and have been very blessed to work with people who are very understanding and willing to believe in me.

I used to use a Nikon before my stroke and had to switch to the lighter Sony A6000. It has changed my world and the way I do things! Thank you Sony!!
I am always curious what other resources may be out there! Not only for myself but those who are disabled or have suffered from a stroke.

Thanks for posting a article like this. I really resinated with it!

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Firstly, I’m very sorry to hear about your stroke at such a young age. Following that, I’m very pleased to hear you’re recovering. And secondly, that photography is helping you get back to your best. May it long continue and I hope you enjoy your passion for taking photos for many more years.

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Thank you Lain!