[Interview] The Strange World Of Steven Klein

This is a really interesting interview with Photographer Steven Klein, talking about his work, especially his then recent work with Madonna.

I liked what he was saying about collaboration with his models, and how it's good to work with people that you can collaborate with, instead of taking just their ideas or vice versa. His interesting (to say the least) work is definitely an inspiration, check out his website HERE (NSFW).




From Nick:

Hey guys, I’m brand new to the FStoppers team and I’d love to hear from you, stop by my Facebook page or check out my website, www.CharlestonsWeddingPhotograper.com

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Golgo Thirteen's picture

This is actually pretty old unfortunately. Steven is weird, but very VERY good at what he does. 

Nicholas Gore's picture

Oh I agree, his work is amazing, if slightly off kilter haha

Golgo Thirteen's picture

Check out the work of Nick Knight also. Steven Klein is dope. He shoots all the adds for Dolce & Gabbana also among many other ads. I think he is the photographer for Louis Vuitton. All I do is hunt down fashion photography videos. I love his stuff.

Steven klein is on the top of of the ist when is comes to fashion! his vision along with the clients is tremendous!