Recharge Your Artistic Soul With Positive Inspiration From Elise Swopes

Chicago-based photographer and designer Elise Swopes is absolutely brimming with creativity. Her highly popular composite work is astounding in itself for combining the unexpected, but the fact it’s all done on a smartphone is simply incredible. In this video kicking off Adorama’s second season of their “Through the Lens” series, Swopes talks about what inspires her to create, the apps she uses, and lays out some strong motivating lines for photographers of all backgrounds.

As made readily apparent from listening to Swopes, photo gear isn’t what makes a successful photographer, rather opening yourself up to creativity and trying the things you envision is what will catch people’s attention.

In the video, Swopes runs down a list of the iPhone apps she uses the most to create her images. Here’s a handy list of links so you can check them out yourself:

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Be sure to check out more of Swopes' work and follow her on Instagram.

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swopes so dope.

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Thats realy great! Really good subject.