3 Helpful Tips for Better Colors in Your Fall Photos

Few events bring more photographers out with their cameras than the leaves changing in fall, and no matter what you shoot, it is a fantastic opportunity to capture beautiful shots of dramatic colors and landscapes. Of course, managing and editing color properly is of the utmost importance with such photos, and this great video tutorial will give you three helpful tips to make sure you are creating the best edits possible. 

Coming to you from Blake Rudis with f64 Academy, this excellent video tutorial will give you three tips to get better colors from your fall photos. One that I think gets particularly overlooked is taking advantage of the Camera Calibration tab. The game we often have to play when editing fall landscape photos is finding a delicate balance between colors that pop and colors that are too oversaturated and gaudy. The Camera Calibration tab's controls are often able to provide that bit of pop with a little more fine control as you approach oversaturation, making it easier to dial in a precise look that strikes the aforementioned balance. Still, just like with any edit, it is important to keep a close eye on just how far you are pushing things to avoid going overboard. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Rudis. 

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Amazing, for this instance, your camera jpg made some great decisions for you. For someone that constantly touts himself an artist, you must be so proud.

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Having watched this entire video, now more than every, I'll shoot more in film with polarized filter.