5 Simple Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Long Exposure Photography

Whether you're just starting out on your journey with a camera, or one has been by your side for decades, improving your long exposure images will always be welcome.

There are a few staples that all photographers try when they first get a camera. Some don't age all that well and go into a box at the back of one's mind rather swiftly, but some stand the test of time. For me, the best example of a photography staple that ages superbly, is long exposure.

While water is ordinarily the key ingredient to long exposure photography — particularly landscapes — the skill can be valuable in a number of other applications, even under the landscape umbrella. For example, many cityscapes or architectural shots from the outside of the building will use long exposure to blend the skies to be less distracting from the focal point (the building) and so on. Similarly, long exposures in street photography can be used to great effect in blurring cars or passers-by. This is before mentioning astrophotography or light painting.

What do you do to get the most out of your long exposures?

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davidlovephotog's picture

You said "5 tips" so I have to skip. Adding a number and the word "tips" to a title is just a short cut to thinking these days.

F Wilson's picture

fantastic shot. watching this whilst staying in Keswick, can’t wait to get out there