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7 Simple Tips for Creating More Impactful Photographs

There is nothing worse than seeing an attractive scene, creating a photograph of it, and then when you sit down at your computer, you realize it's boring. This can be the result of a number of mistakes and this video offers seven actionable tips to make sure your images grab viewers' attention.

The respect I have for landscape photographers who can consistently create eye-catching and absorbing images is limitless. There are so many factors in play that are out of the photographer's control, it can become incredibly frustrating trying to find the right composition and scene. When I was first playing around with a camera and experimenting with genres, it was my difficulty with creating impactful, interesting images that helped to dissuade me from the genre.

Looking back, it's easier for me to see the mistakes I was making and the bulk of the problem could be attributed to two areas: composition and post-production. On the first charge, I either didn't consider composition enough to make the image any good, or I became obsessed with abiding by the rule of thirds and having foreground interest. Whichever extreme happened, my result would suffer. On the second charge, I simply didn't know how to edit in a pleasing way that assisted the composition and guided the eye to the right places. Even if I had been taking good landscapes (I hadn't been), I didn't know how to edit them to fulfil their potential anyway.

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