An 8K Time-Lapse of the Dolomites

Time-lapses have become exceedingly popular over the last several years and it's easy to become numb to them after a while. It takes an extraordinarily good time-lapse to capture a viewer's attention and stand out. Martin Heck of Timestorm Films has done just that with his 8K time-lapse film of the Dolomites mountain range in Northern Italy.

Shot on a Sony A7Rii and RED Epic-W with a variety of Zeiss, Canon, Sigma, and Tamron lenses and set to a majestic score, Heck's time-lapses are mesmerizing. One thing that struck me was that in an era of sliders and multi-axis moves, Heck leaves his shots fixed, letting the viewer engage completely with the scene without processing extra motion. I think this decision to forgo more "cinematic footage" in favor of letting the time-lapses stand on their own works well. Heck showcases incredible scenes of dramatic sunrises and sunset and seas of clouds slowly rolling over the rugged mountain peaks. Well-chosen compositions bring depth and interest to each scene.

The combination of incredible locations, high-end gear, and Heck's clear standout knowledge of shooting and processing time-lapses results in an awe-inspiring short film that you'll want to watch again and again. 

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The problem with time-lapse videos, for me, is, too many employ the time-lapse effect and music to replace compositional interest. I'd rather see an interesting photo or video of poor quality than something uninteresting no matter how high the quality or what music it's paired with.

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Thank you for sharing.

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My pleasure - glad you enjoyed it!

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That looked pretty damn good on my 4k monitor.

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Yup. Will comment back here in 10 years once I have a 8K TV.

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Looks amazing on my 13" MacBook Pro too.
Looking forward to a 52" MacBook Pro with 8K retina screen.

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Looked great on mine too. I tried to watch it on both of them at the same time to get the full 8k effect but somehow it didn't quite work out that way.

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impressive waves of clouds against the peaks

I fell in love with the Dolomites this summer

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