Catch Those Beautiful Autumnal Photographs Before Winter Comes

You still have the chance to explore the beauty of autumn scenes and colors. But, what should you look for?

This season is filled with rich and warm colors and misty mornings, and there's definitely something mysterious and peaceful in the air as you find yourself surrounded with nature at this time of the year. 2020 autumn is slightly different from the seasons before, not so much in what nature offers us, but rather in the emotional uncertainty most of us are feeling right now. If anything, this season may provide solitude and well-needed rest to escape the rest of the world while you dive into therapeutic landscape and nature photography.

As you step into a forest or a park, what are the things that you should pay attention to? James Brew, who is an Isle of Man-based photographer predominantly shooting landscapes, takes the viewer on a serene journey through the woods to show and explain his thinking behind certain shots. It's not as simple and easy as merely pointing the camera at the first scene you come across and hoping for the best. Each shot requires paying careful attention to what is in the frame and how to best bring out the mood or the subject. Brew points out that woodland landscape photography isn't the easiest one to tame, but the process of being outdoors can be rewarding enough, with or without the final images.

Will you get your walking boots and head outdoors with a camera before the winter comes?

Lead image used with the permission of Rex Jones.

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N A's picture

James seems like a chill dude who enjoys being out by himself. Might be just me but I find autumn the hardest season to shoot well. So many variables conspiring to make great photos difficult to capture. It's nice just be to be able to get out there and shoot though. Beautiful time of year.