Five Things to Avoid When Making Landscape Photographs

Landscape photography, for most, is an incredibly rewarding pursuit. Those rewards, however, don't typically come without good preparation and use of proper techniques.

Coming to you from Mark Denney, this quick tutorial video details five very important aspects of landscape photography that can make or break your images. One of the things that I absolutely love about Denney's videos, and this one in particular, is how open he is about his thought processes. He talks about being a self-taught photographer and uses his own images as the examples used to illustrate his points in this video, both the good and the bad. What may seem like a very simple self-critique is actually a relatively short video that is packed full of valuable information.

Denney talks about how, when reviewing even his recent work, he still occasionally finds shots that don't quite measure up because of the various mistakes detailed in the video. I have had many similar experiences where I catch something after the fact, something that I wish I would have caught and done better in the field. This video is one that likely has some valuable information for everyone, particularly those who are just starting out in the realm of capturing landscapes. The examples in the video are very precise, clear, and recognizable. This makes it incredibly easy to take this advice and in turn, put it to use when out in the field.

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Just get out there and find great locations.
Stop writing obvious articles !!