The Importance of Revisiting Landscape Spots in Iceland

Trying to create the most unique photograph of a landscape is hard to do, especially if it's a well-known photo hotspot like Iceland. But these two local photographers revisited the same spot over and over to produce wildly different and stunning images.
It's hard to get landscape photography right at the best of times. The preparation involved with planning a landscape shoot can be immense. Tracking sun position, light levels, cloud cover, and weather is just the start of it. You then have to nail the exposure settings with the correct photographic equipment and get composition bang-on. Even then, we can come away with lackluster results due to the light not being right.

Fortunately, Gudmann and Gyda, two Icelandic photographers, have everything nailed. With the correct equipment, a good deal of pre-planning, and the foresight to revisit the same location in northern Iceland multiple times throughout the year, they come away with some spectacular imagery.

Follow along as Gudmann and Gyda discuss their approach to revisiting the same spot to produce varied and beautiful photographs despite having the same scene to work with. Discover how by changing kit and arriving at different points in the day and year and altering shooting position and composition, you can capture beautiful landscapes without having to travel anywhere.

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Jason is an internationally award-winning photographer with more than 10 years of experience. A qualified teacher and Master’s graduate, he has been widely published in both print and online. He won Gold in the Nikon Photo Contest 2018/19 and was named Digital Photographer of the Year in 2014.

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Are you really being serious? Is 'revisiting' photo spots in Iceland the only place 'revisiting' is 'important'? Or is it the presumed photo-lure of anyplace --Iceland or virtually anywhere else a person happens to live and know and photograph under myriad conditions-- meant to be a sort of bait for the obviousness of revisiting and capturing the 'importance' of a place one knows intimately well, and can access on a moment's notice?

Never been to Iceland, but like everybody else, I've been a variety of places. Like today, for instance, when I went to a place (a Nat'l Park) where I worked for X number of years, and that I can literally see from home. I fully knew what to expect, and when and where and what to expect when I got there, all of ten/twenty minutes from home. Was it Iceland? No, it was not. It was where I live and what I intimately know. Didn't get (shoot) anything I haven't seen a thousand times, but what I did get (did shoot) should arguably be 'better' than anything a first time/one time visitor from Iceland might probably have gotten in my home locale.

So sure, knowing a place as well as a local will have its advantages. Whether that's in Iceland or anywhere else.

I agree with Jim B wholeheartedly. Iceland or not, the places worth being photographed are also very well worth being revisited simply because the setting is never the same. You could take a bunch of pictures of the same place from the same spot during different seasons and then make a whole smartshow 3d video to see that these photos are alike only so much. I'm sure Iceland is beautiful but so are many other places.