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Three Ingredients for Great Landscape Photos

I realized a while back that I watch a lot of YouTube videos. Sure, I'll kill some time while laughing at something completely idiotic, but most of my time on the website is looking for my next lesson in photography. For me, photography is something that I don't think I will ever stop learning, and it's one of the things I like most about it. I love the fact that there is always something else for me to learn, something new for me to try, and countless of other photographers from whom I can learn.

This video by Michael Breitung became my favorite in-home class for this week. Of all the videos and tutorials I've seen, this one resonated with me. While there are countless other videos out there that go in depth concerning the more technical aspects of photography, what I loved about this one is how it is more elemental in approach. Breitung spends much of the time in the video talking about the reasoning behind a great image, the thought processes behind it, and what to look for when setting out to go capture something amazing.

Of the many points he makes in the video, the one that really hit home to me was when he brought up how it really doesn't matter whether or not you actually get a great shot, it is still great to be out there seeing what you're seeing in person. Learning to live in the moment is one of those lessons that I personally learn over and over again. Just enjoying the fact that you get to be outside, seeing what you see, and that there are close to seven billion other people who will never see what you're seeing in person is worth appreciating. Outside of that small bit of insight that I gleaned from his video, Breitung does outline some key elements that every great landscape should contain, but I'll let you watch and find out what they are on your own. I enjoyed the video and found it to be quite refreshing, and it inspires me to get out more and to enjoy more when I do get out there.

[via Michael Breitung]

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Deleted Account's picture

I wish several people I know would watch this video. Sometimes we'll be out and see a beautiful sky and they're incredulous that I don't bother to take a picture of it. Thanks for posting this. :-)

Gabrielle Colton's picture

Same, I just use my iPhone when this happens to make them happy lol.

Rex Jones's picture

I’m on your side, Sam. :) Sometimes it’s nice to simply enjoy the moment for exactly what it is!

Gabrielle Colton's picture

Great pointers