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Use Long Exposures to Make the Most of Bad Light

Do you feel frustrated when the weather doesn't cooperate for your landscape shoots? Check out this video on how to make the most of bad lighting to create beautiful long exposure photographs.

All landscape photographers find themselves at the mercy of Mother Nature. Adam Karnacz of First Man Photography discusses how he uses long exposure photography to make something out of nothing when confronted with flat lighting situations. In this video, Karnacz uses a 16-stop neutral density (ND) filter to take an almost six minute exposure. The result is a dreamy landscape image, completely transforming the dull view into a beautiful fine-art style photograph.

Karnacz also demonstrates his post-processing approach, including how to edit black and white images. I found this video refreshing and inspiring; I'll admit to sometimes being a landscape photography snob and not bothering going out when conditions don't look promising for a burning sunrise or sunset. This video is another reminder that the only thing stopping you from getting great shots is you. Use your creativity and make the best of any photographic situation.  

What are some of your tips for photographing landscapes in less than ideal weather conditions? Please let me know in the comments below.

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Cynthia Severson's picture

i love long exposure shot

Bastian Domgörgen's picture

Nice shots. Great inspiration. Thank you