Federal Government Says Popular Hollywood Films Were Made With Illegal Money

Federal Government Says Popular Hollywood Films Were Made With Illegal Money

In a bizarre case, the Justice Department issued a complaint on June 15 alleging that "Dumb and Dumber To" and "Daddy's Home" were produced using funds diverted from the Malaysian government by international fraudsters.

The first film implicated in this case was "The Wolf of Wall Street," with the two latest coming a year later. The U.S. government says the films were caught up in a large international scheme that saw $4.5 billion stolen 1Malaysia Development Berhad from 2009 to 2015, which was subsequently laundered through shell companies worldwide. So serious is the case that the government is seeking a settlement in which they will receive future profits from "The Wolf of Wall Street," as well as rights to and profits from the other two films. 

The films became part of the scheme when the money passed through the Red Granite Pictures production company. The company is cooperating with the government, having denied any knowledge of the true origin of the money they received for the films. The fraud extends far beyond the films, though, including such items as paintings by Monet, jewelry, real estate, and a yacht. A sealed proposal of settlement for "The Wolf of Wall Street" was submitted on June 14, with no word on the other two films yet. 

[via CNN]

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Tam Nguyen's picture

Quite ironic that "The Wolf of Wall Street" was made with stolen money haha

Mike Kelley's picture

They should have consulted the Don of Money before trying to pull this stunt

LA M's picture

LMAO...this is news??

More than a few politicians are in office because of dirty money...charities/dirty money, etc etc etc. Joseph Kennedy was a bootlegger. His son became a President of our country despite that.

Really...this is news?

I think the right people in the govt. were not paid off recently....

Spy Black's picture

"Joseph Kennedy was a bootlegger."
So you're judmental that he was circumventing government intervention? Interesting...

Adam T's picture

I always thought money in films had to be destroyed after shooting and or prop money has to be in place of the real thing.

Jeff McCollough's picture

They aren't talking about props.

stir photos's picture

I've always just assumed dirty money is all over the movie industry, as well as, a plethora of other industries, as well... Banking, real estate, jewelry, sports, fine art, animal breeding (horses, dogs, exotic animals, etc.), and many more. Here's to greed :) kidding...

Simon Patterson's picture

So is the US government claiming money that was originally stolen from the Malaysian government? That seems to be the bizarre part of the story...

borisschipper's picture

I imagine it being the Malaysian government, if not it would be too weird

michael buehrle's picture

the gov has been doing this for a hundred years.

"Dumb and Dumber To"? Prosecute those b*stards to the full extent of the law!!!

Mike Schrengohst's picture

Any future "profits" should be distributed to the crew of the film not the producers or the government.
Now with Chinese investors getting into Hollywood I would imagine our Govt. is ramping up efforts to find "dirty money" so they can use it for their own wasteful projects.

Sergio Tello's picture

I actually knew one of the guys being investigated. He seemed nice, if a bit reserved. I was surprised about his alleged involvement in this case.

Will they be investigating The Room?


Quick TLDR rewrite of another site? Check.
News slightly yet remotely related to film making? Check.
Sensational numbers/facts? Check.

Yep, this is good enough for Fstoppers...