French President Emmanuel Macron Seeking Legal Action Against Photographer

French President Emmanuel Macron Seeking Legal Action Against Photographer

The French president is officially taking legal action against a photographer who took holiday snaps of him and his wife against his will this week.

Emmanuel Macron is currently enjoying his summer holiday and has been spotted in Marsielle the past few days, but is claiming a photographer has invaded his privacy and has now lodged a legal complaint.

Macron – unlike his presidential predecessors – has become known for keeping the press at arm’s length since his election back in May. Despite his wishes, it emerged where exactly he was due to be staying, which has led to one photographer following the president and his wife against their wishes.

The French government are quoted as describing the photographer to have trailed the pair “on several occasions despite repeat warnings from security staff, and sometimes did so in a risky and perilous manner.” The photographer is also reported to have entered the couple’s private property with the intention of taking more images.

Exact details on the photographer himself remain unclear, although an extract from VSD newspaper quotes him as claiming he had been “treated like a criminal”, and describing the police’s actions as “totally illegal” after they searched through both his memory cards and computer.

“The police searched through all my gear, my bags… I even had to remove my shoelaces and my watch,” he told the paper.

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I hate these type of Paparazzi. They are a cancer to our profession and give us all a bad name. I sincerely hope President Emmanuel Macron wins his legal action hands down and puts that scumbag photographer out of business permanently.

I have to agree. Plus, why is there a market for such photos in the first place? Are "regular" people such sad sacks that they enjoy looking at famous people on vacations? Really? Plus, I really wonder if the photographer "happened" to be staying at the same place as the President. Maybe he was and now can "write off" his vacation as a business expense (if France tax system allows that practice).

Why do they call him a photographer? That just gives photographers a bad name. He is just a stalker who happens to have a camera.

"The photographer is also reported to have entered the couple’s private property with the intention of taking more images".

Ok, now the line was crossed. If you're a public figure and you're out and about, you're fair game. But, trespassing on private property? Sorry bud.

Be careful with the "public figure out and about" argument. That mileage varies a lot between countries, and unless you are very, very sure that you have explicit law or at least several robust court decisions from the relevant legislation behind you, you should consider even public figures to be covered by "common people law" outside public functions. Them formally opening a museum? Probably fair game. Them just privately visiting the same museum? Put that camera away if you're ignorant of local law.

Being ignorant of local laws can put you in absurd situations, e.g., if you as a photographer from Germany were to somehow invade a Spaniard's privacy in Italy, you may end up before a Spanish court making decisions based on Italian law.

Indeed, IIRC France has more restrictive laws on photographing people than Canada or US.

Yeah, I always ask before I photograph someone. Even if the law didn't require it, I'd still ask. Who knows. Courtesy goes a long way. Who knows, they may even like the work.

I wonder why one never sees paparazzi pics of famous Mob bosses on vacation or hear about photographers trespassing on to their yards. Interesting

There was that one guy... I wonder what ever happened to him? Guess he retired... permanently.