Adobe Releases Lightroom CC 2015.4/6.4, Introduces New Feature

Adobe Releases Lightroom CC 2015.4/6.4, Introduces New Feature

Today, Adobe released version 2015.4/6.4 of Lightroom, which adds support for many new cameras and lenses, speeds up performance, and introduces an intriguing new feature: Boundary Warp.

Anyone who regularly works with panoramas knows that after stitching multiple images, the boundaries are often irregular, and fixing this requires either using something like Content Aware Fill, or sacrificing areas near the boundaries to get the desired crop. Boundary Warp (available for CC members) works differently, analyzing the boundary and warping the image to fit a rectangular crop. The analysis seems rather sophisticated, as distortion and stretching are well-controlled.

In addition to Boundary Warp, this release also features other improvements, including:

  • Faster panorama merging
  • Improved results when using Auto Straighten and Upright "Level" mode
  • Faster thumbnail updates when pasting setting in Grid view
  • Faster image loading when zoomed in in the Library module

Today's update also introduces support for many new releases, including the Fujifilm X-Pro2Leica M, Panasonic DMC-ZS60, Sony a68, and many more. New lens profiles have been introduced as well, including many Bower, Rokinon, and Samyang options, which many astrophotographers will be pleased to hear. Check out the full blog post for information on all the new lens and camera support.

Are you using the new version of Lightroom? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Justin Haugen's picture

I have been afraid to update the last few releases because of all the bugs and subsequent fixes. I feel like I have to wait a week or two before I can update now.

Justin Haugen's picture

I don't deliver the news. I just reply to it :)

Mike Last's picture

Here's a big bug fix.. annoying that it took four months:
• Tethering Nikon cameras on Mac OS X 10.11(El Capitan) did not work properly

Ross Floyd's picture

Mike, tethering was a problem for us CaptuerOne users as well... Apple really monkeyed around with how power is distributed to all of the USB ports in every computer even the mac pros - we feel your pain too.

Aleksey Leonov's picture

Agree! Most of Card readers have issues with Macs, some usb sticks. Even build-in SD port is crazy buggy! This apple's issue at least 2 years old.

Ross Floyd's picture

Aleksey, many computers have ports that are more reliable than others, because of power priority in the motherboard - for macbook pros, (the most recent iteration, without the optical drive) it is the one in the upper right. El capital makes it worse because it now has software prioritization.

Ken Kotch's picture

Anyone else still having issues with Nikon and ElCap? Tethering works for 10-20 images then I need to restart.
Really hoping I don't have to roll back.

Douglas Bolst's picture

odd - it let me update Photoshop, but not Lightroom - it just doesn't see an update . . .any suggestions to get it to kick me the offer of the update, i know direct downloading is a thing of the past with this . . .

Doc Pixel's picture

Quit the Adobe Cloud App, then in either Photoshop, Bridge or Lightroom under the Help menu, choose "Updates" or "Check for Updates"... the wording may vary.

Douglas Bolst's picture

i'm great - thanks for responding !

Simon Anderson's picture

Lets hope the GPU acceleration has been fixed, major headache

Justin Haugen's picture

hopefully it'll benefit 1080p display modes and not just 2k/4k modes. That was a bummer.

Asif Ali's picture

Just finished updating and thoroughly checking the program; all seems to be working pretty fine. I do notice some speed improvement. Let's hope the Adobe bugs don't come out crawling when my PC is asleep. Anything is possible with Adobe!

Konrad Sarnowski's picture

Ha ha, this new feature works surprisingly well :D But I think some kind of protection (masking) for important areas should be available.

Mark Davidson's picture

Would one of these new features be speed?

Vladimir Ambia's picture

Photomatix software does not work with this update. My buddy and I discovered it today.