Is Your Hometown Too Boring to Photograph? Think Again

As someone who spent more than 10 years living in London and now lives in a village of just 750 people, I can relate to those who struggle to find inspiration on their doorstep. In this motivating video from Evan Ranft, the photographer runs through some ideas of how to rediscover your hometown with your camera.

Ranft puts together a fantastic series of points on how to shift your perception and start shooting the place that you live, however mundane it might feel. For me, one of the biggest hurdles is realizing that what for you feel is everyday and boring can be exotic and engaging for someone who is completely unfamiliar with it. The surfaces of daily existence become like wallpaper in our brains, and as Ranft makes clear, if you can get your mind out of that rut, there are plenty of images to be created.

One of the benefits of pushing yourself to make something out of what appears to be nothing is that you will be more creative as a result, even if your initial endeavors feel like failures. Given that my village is little more than a collection of roads, a town hall, a church, and some chickens, it can be hard to find inspiration. However — and this is one thing that I would add to Ranft’s list — good light can transform even the most boring of locations; so sometimes, being able to refresh my vision of a place is all down to heading out in golden hour.

If you’ve a few more ideas, be sure to leave a comment below.

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I gave it a second thought. Still damned boring.

Michael Holst's picture

I can relate to the video. It took me a long time to apply the saying "The best camera is the one you have with you" to locations. Keep seeking out good/interesting light and shoot it.

Ben Bezuidenhout's picture

Where are his examples?

Tony Clark's picture

I moved from Atlanta to a small town five years ago and gave myself personal projects like this video. It forced me to shoot different subjects and get out of my comfort zone. By the way, I understand that Mike Wolf has an interesting collection housed in Columbia, I’d try to reach out and see if he’d give you access sometime.

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Present city of Austin Texas is good to do many photo shoots. Music, Water, Models, Nature, City, Country, Alternative, Etc.

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What you say if very true. I have been doing a project I call Neon at Night and its all about creating art from the daily routine stuff we see every day. Like you Im doing it at night as well Check out my Instagram and tell me what you think.